For the media / February 2014

Taking steps to make lifelong change

As Australians buckle down to achieve those New Year resolutions such as giving up alcohol, losing weight, quitting smoking, exercising more or reducing stress, many are finding it hard to stay on the band wagon. Jean Hailes psychologist and head of translation Dr Mandy Deeks says while people may recognise they need to make changes in their life, in reality it can be difficult to kick old habits and stay motivated.

Try saying it with condoms!

No one wants to think about sexually transmissible infections on Valentine's Day, but the day is a great opportunity to think about how you are keeping yourself safe. National Condom Day falls on Valentine's Day, February 14, to bring into focus the need for being aware of the risks of contracting an STI, says Jean Hailes gynaecologist Dr Elizabeth Farrell AM.

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