Free health article - August 2014

Our free health articles cover a different women's health issue each month and may be reprinted in your organisation's newsletter, magazine, blog or website at no cost. This month's topic is 'The art of developing confidence'.

Pride - Life and Other Catastrophes

What exactly is pride? How do you know if you have too much of it, or not enough? And what is the best way to keep it in check? Join Raf Epstein and Dr Jane Fisher, Jean Hailes professor, on this latest episode of Life and Other Catastrophes and find out.

Honouring what happened when your baby was born - What Were We Thinking! blog

Last week, there were two articles in major Australian publications that addressed women’s experiences of birth. First, in Sunday Style (2/8/14) Katherine Catchfield argued that announcing over social media that someone has had a “natural” birth is putting pressure on mothers, causing them to feel ashamed if their own experience of birth involved pain relief or interventions. 

Women’s Health Week: positive change starts with confidence

Being confident and believing in yourself can have significant health benefits. Large numbers of women struggle with confidence which may negatively influence their health. Building awareness of the connection between women’s confidence and their health is the focus of the 2014 Jean Hailes Women’s Health Week.

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