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We have three exciting employment opportunities to join our Translation, Education & Communications team in Clayton, Victoria: Project Officer, Health Writer; Project Manager, Resources & Operations; Senior Project Officer, Media, Marketing & Events.

Short-term use of hormone replacement therapy associated with increased ovarian cancer risk

Due to the recent publication of the Lancet article released 12 February 2015, we believe it is important for us to communicate key messages on research findings immediately. Below are statements from Professor Henry Burger AO, Consultant in Endocrinology to Jean Hailes for Women’s Health, and Professor Rod Baber, President of the International Menopause Society, outlining descriptions of the study and their comments on the results.

Supporting women with an intellectual disability going through menopause

Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT (SHFPACT) is calling on women with an intellectual disability, their carers and Health Professionals to complete a short online survey. The outcomes of the survey will help to develop an educational resource and practice guide to support women with an intellectual disability through the process of menopause.

Free health article - February 2015

Our free health articles cover a different women's health issue each month and may be reprinted in your organisation's newsletter, magazine, blog or website at no cost. This month's topic is 'Am I normal?'

Disorders of the thyroid - Medical Observer

Detecting and managing subclinical thyroid disorders is challenging in midlife women. In this article, Dr Cynthia Stuenkel, Clinical Professor of Medicine at University of California, presents the research findings, and identifies some handy practice points for Health Professionals.

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