Juliet, Johnny & Evelyn - Week 11 - What Were We Thinking! blog

My parents went home last week so it was back to just Johnny, Evelyn and me.  Again it was sad to see them go but nice to get back to just us again. The evenings have been the hardest time so I always get to the point in the afternoon when I would love Johnny to be there to help me but he’s at work and isn’t good at getting home at a decent hour (i.e. 5.30pm), he’s more likely to finish work and get home about 6.30-7pm. Although…

Free health article - September 2014

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Sodium intake and cardiovascular health

Two new studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine on 14th of August 2014 investigated the relationship between sodium (a component of salt) and cardiovascular health. The two studies highlight the lack of agreement in a safe level of sodium intake.

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