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Food, anger, changing body shape and a great sex life: Magazine Vol 1 2015
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Jean Hailes Magazine pdf 10 MB 20 March 2015

The latest Jean Hailes National Magazine is available now, featuring a range of health issues relevant to Australian women at every life stage. In this issue, we look at the battle with food, women and anger, your changing body shape and a great sex life.

Women, confidence & health - Magazine Vol 2 2014

Jean Hailes Magazine pdf 1 MB 04 August 2014

Feature articles:
Becoming more confident in yourself
Confidence and your health
Confidence to lead
Social connectedness, confidence and wellbeing

Creating a healthier you - Magazine Vol 1 2013

Jean Hailes Magazine pdf 2 MB 01 January 2013

Feature articles:
Weight gain at midlife
Secrets to ageing well
Coping with change as you age

Health at every stage - Magazine Vol 2 2013

Jean Hailes Magazine pdf 4 MB 15 August 2013

Feature articles:
Super foods: fact vs fiction
Embarrassed about leakage
Pelvic pain: a silent epidemic

What do you worry about? - Magazine Vol 1 2014

Jean Hailes Magazine pdf 2 MB 17 February 2014

Feature articles:
Anxiety: learn, think, do - Understand the difference between worry and anxiety
Healthy bones - It’s never too early or too late to maintain strong bones
Memory: how to protect and improve it - It’s never too late to improve brain and memory function

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