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Feisty, female and fifty – the new menopause
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External Links 20 May 2015

This Australian Financial Review article, written by Jill Margo, discusses the experience of menopause saying that “Menopause can be tough, but women facing it now cut a different figure from that of a generation ago”.

Resolving the cause of pain - Medical Observer
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Medical & health articles pdf 486 KB 23 April 2015

This article provides an overview of dyspareunia and uses a typical case study to illustrate the benefits of a physiotherapeutic approach. As Jean Hailes physiotherapist Janetta Webb explains, a high index of suspicion may assist in the detection and resolution of pain often suffered silently.

Your changing body shape - Jean Hailes Magazine

Medical & health articles pdf 128 KB 01 February 2015

How many times do we hear, “Oh it’s just her hormones making her crazy”, or “It’s that time of the month again!”? While hormones are often blamed for mood swings – and we know they play a big role in the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause – what else are hormones responsible for?

Women and anger - Jean Hailes Magazine

Medical & health articles pdf 297 KB 01 February 2015

Is anger the emotion of our time? Are we becoming more tolerant of angry behaviour? Is anger a necessary skill to survive in an increasingly competitive environment? Is the pay-off worth the physical and psychological costs of ‘living angry’? Is anger always a bad thing; how do women ‘do’ anger and what can we do to manage it?

The battle with food - Jean Hailes Magazine

Medical & health articles pdf 238 KB 01 February 2015

If you feel like you should be lacing your drinks with kale juice or snacking on chia seeds, you are forgiven because knowing what to eat has become as complex as picking a mobile phone plan. Although TV programs like MasterChef have increased our ‘eating literacy’ so much so that we can now whip up homemade profiteroles and know that confit (pronounced ‘con-fee’) is more than putting on your slippers: the question remains, do we really know what we should be eating?

A great sex life - Jean Hailes Magazine

Medical & health articles pdf 254 KB 01 February 2015

Over the course of our lives, our bodies, sexual needs and in many cases partners, will change. It is helpful to know what you can expect throughout different stages of your life, because having a good sex life plays an important role in your mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Weekly activity diary

Tools pdf 168 KB 20 April 2015

A weekly activity diary helps you become more aware of your activity needs and the importance of not trying to fit too much in.

Living Longer Living Stonger

External Links 09 April 2015

Living Longer Living Stronger is an evidence based program that encourages and supports change in the health and fitness sectors to achieve improved health, quality of life and fitness for people aged over 50 years.

Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia

External Links 26 March 2015

The Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia is a not-for-profit body formed to promote education and research in the area of pelvic pain.

Food, anger, changing body shape and a great sex life: Magazine Vol 1 2015

Jean Hailes Magazine pdf 1 MB 20 March 2015

The latest Jean Hailes National Magazine is available now, featuring a range of health issues relevant to Australian women at every life stage. In this issue, we look at the battle with food, women and anger, your changing body shape and a great sex life.

Women with endometriosis need support, not judgement - The Conversation article

External Links 12 March 2015

Known for years as the “career woman’s disease” based on the idea that women without children develop disease in their reproductive organs, endometriosis is a painful condition thought to affect one in ten women worldwide.

Testosterone and women - fact sheet

Fact sheets pdf 876 KB 26 February 2015

Knowing ovarian cancer risks - Medical Observer
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Medical & health articles pdf 491 KB 17 February 2015

In this latest Medical Observer article, obstetrician gynaecologist Dr Eve Gaughan, covers the risk factors associated with ovarian cancer, and highlights the issues and limitations of current screening measures.

What to expect in a pelvic floor physiotherapy appointment

Videos 01 February 2015

Jean Hailes pelvic floor physiotherapist Janetta Webb, talks about physiotherapy used to treat pelvic pain. She explains what women can expect from their consultation including: history taking, examination, assessment and treatment/management plan.

Green smoothie - Jean Hailes Kitchen video

Videos 06 February 2015

Green smoothies are an easy and popular way to include highly nutritious green leafy vegetables into your day. They are ideal for people who are not eating the recommended five vegetables and two fruit a day.

Green smoothie recipe

Recipes pdf 138 KB 06 February 2015

Green smoothies are an easy and popular way to include highly nutritious green leafy vegetables into your day. They are ideal for people who are not eating the recommended five vegetables and two fruit a day.

What Were We Thinking! blog

External Links 27 January 2015

The What Were We Thinking blog follows the experiences of new parents across Australia. The blog is based on the What Were We Thinking program, an evidence-based intervention developed and run by the Jean Hailes Research Unit. This program teaches new mothers and fathers both practical skills for settling babies and ideas to help them adjust to changes in their relationship that can come with parenthood.

Disorders of the thyroid - Medical Observer
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Medical & health articles pdf 518 KB 22 January 2015

Detecting and managing subclinical thyroid disorders is challenging in midlife women. In this article, Cynthia A. Stuenkel, Clinical Professor of Medicine at University of California, presents the research findings and identifies some handy practice points for Health Professionals.

The emotional side of PCOS: Taking control

Webinar 15 January 2015

Psychologist Dr Mandy Deeks talks about the important topic of emotional health in PCOS, explaining why feelings of anxiety and depression occur more commonly in women with PCOS and what you can do about it.

PCOS: Lifestyle and health - Take control of what matters

Webinar 16 January 2015

In this video, dietitian Terrill Bruere, gives a fresh approach to lifestyle and diet advice for the management of PCOS. Terrill explains that your weight isn’t a simple equation of energy in = energy out. She talks through trigger points for emotional eating, and explores the issues of dieting, while giving practical tips throughout.

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