Last updated 29 June 2018

Jean Hailes for Women's Health is proud and privileged to have the wonderful support of our two Ambassadors: comedian Nelly Thomas and media presenter Shelley Ware. Read on to learn more about these inspiring and passionate advocates for women's health.

Nelly ThomasJean Hailes Ambassador Nelly Thomas

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome comedian, writer and health promoter Nelly Thomas on board as an Ambassador for Jean Hailes for Women's Health.

For those of you who already know of Nelly's work, you'll know how perfect this talented Melbourne artist and mum of two is for Jean Hailes. Like us, she shares a passion and commitment to supporting the wellness and vital health education of women of all ages. In Nelly's case, however, she can make you laugh out loud while she's doing it.

Nelly has been described as one of Australia's most natural comedians. An award-winning performer, she was listed as one of Australia's "most innovative thinkers" in The Age newspaper section, 'The Zone', and was featured on the ABC's Big Ideas: The Smartest Stuff on TV, radio and online. 

Nelly is a regular guest on ABC Radio and writes extensively for print and online media, including the respected news website New Matilda. In 2012 she published her first book, What Women Want and has also produced a DVD called The Talk, a guide to discussing sexual health and ethics with teenagers.

Nelly writes a quarterly column for Jean Hailes, called Nelly Navigates, where she kickstarts colourful, hilarious yet educational conversations about important issues in women's health.

Learn more about Nelly and her work by visiting Nelly's website or following Nelly on Twitter.

Shelley WareShelley Ware

A proud Yankunyjatjara and Wirangu woman from Adelaide, South Australia, Shelley Ware is well known as one of the hosts of the ground-breaking Marngrook Footy Show on NITV.

For the past decade or so, Shelley has worked in the media as a radio and television presenter on both local and national AFL football news shows. During that time, particularly as a member of the Marngrook team, Shelley has combined her love of football and her Aboriginal culture to become one of the most respected and recognised female presenters of AFL football in the country.

Shelley also works part time as an art teacher and childhood educator at a Melbourne primary school where she coordinates a Literacy Intervention Program and, as a mum herself, is passionate about the importance of childhood education.

We are very proud to have Shelley as a Jean Hailes ambassador.  Shelley is a powerful and passionate advocate and supporter, particularly of our Women's Health Week campaign, helping to raise awareness, through education, of the importance of maintaining good health and preventing future health problems.

As Shelley says, "like learning to read and write, health education is something we all have to work on".

Shelley is also a regular Master of Ceremonies and keynote presenter for corporations and events, sharing her personal journey, perspective on females in sport, Aboriginal issues, women's health and childhood education. Learn more about Shelley and her work by visiting her website.

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