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Last updated 14 July 2017

External Relations

The role of the Jean Hailes External Relations team is to work with the translation, research and operations areas of the organisation, to enhance the communications and build relationships with diverse stakeholders outside the organisation.

It fulfils this role in several ways:

  • Undertaking high-level strategic planning activities to promote the mission and objectives of Jean Hailes
  • Advising on key branding elements of Jean Hailes' corporate identity
  • Encouraging external engagement with Jean Hailes through program funding and other supported activities
  • Detailing a consistent communications approach for various external audiences


Janet Michelmore Executive Director & Head of External Relations
Caroline Cottrill External Relations, Public Relations & Promotions 
Janelle Carrigan Media & Visual Content Manager
Sarah Bailey Manager Corporate Partnerships

Translation, Education and Communication

The Jean Hailes Translation and Education team is unique in its ability to work alongside clinicians and researchers to translate latest findings into user-friendly, practical information and provides best practice practical guidelines. Areas of responsibility include the website, media, fact sheets, educational programs for the community and health professionals and events such as webcast and seminars.


Dr Helen Brown Head of Translation, Education and Communication
Alexandra Clark Graphic Designer
Brenda Jones Project Manager
Danielle Rossetti Project Officer
Fiona Darling Senior Project Officer
Isabelle Catrice Administrative Assistant
Jess Gleeson Senior Project Officer
Jo Roberts Project Manager
Karen McCloskey Project Officer
Lucy Wilby Project Manager
Alexandra Wilson Social Media & Website Officer
Louise Browne Project Manager
Rebecca Conning Project Manager

Medical Centre

The Jean Hailes Medical Centre provides a holistic and best practice approach to women's health. Our medical specialists, general practitioners and allied health clinicians all have a special interest and extensive expertise in the area of women's health. Our clinicians ensure that their knowledge and skills are up to date with current research through quality assurance and continuing education programs.


Leanne  Practice Nurse
Diana Medical Receptionist
Ellen Medical Receptionist
Erin Medical Receptionist
Lauren Medical Receptionist
Pat Medical Receptionist
Stacey Medical Receptionist


To see a list of our doctors and allied health professionals please go to our team


The Jean Hailes research team is part of the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University and are located at the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Burnet Building, Alfred Hospital. The research team adopts a cross-disciplinary, lifespan approach to understanding women's lives. They consider women's health within a social model of health, underscored by an appreciation of the significance of gender, so men and children are included in research as integral to the context of women's lives. Jean Hailes performs original research to identify and address gaps in knowledge about women's health. Outcomes of this research are used to inform women's health policy, support health care programs and improve women's lives.


Jane Fisher

Professor of Women's Health
Director Jean Hailes Research Unit

Hau Nguyen Research Project Officer
Heather Rowe Senior Research Fellow
Karalyn McDonald Research Fellow
Karen Wynter Research Fellow
Karin Hammarberg Senior Research Fellow
Karin Smith PA to Professor Jane Fisher
Maggie Kirkman Senior Research Fellow
Rosa Gualano Scientific Writer
Sara Holton Research Fellow
Thach Tran Research Fellow
To view Adjunct Research Fellows, Research Assistants, Affliate, International Post-doctoral Trainee, PhD Students, and Students, visit the Jean Hailes Research Unit staff page (opens in a new window).

Support services

The Jean Hailes Support Services team provides cross-organisational support for the Jean Hailes Medical Centres, Translation and Education, External Relations and Research business units. The team's scope is purposely broad, facilitating a 'big picture' approach to managing operational risk and integrated implementation processes. The Support Services team covers a range of operational aspects including finance, human resources, occupational health and safety, regulatory compliance, facilities management, governance and information technology infrastructure.


Scott Walker Commercial Manager
Anna Lewis Finance Administrator
Andrew O'Shea ICT Operations Manager
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