Our partners

Last updated 17 November 2016

Partnerships and collaborations are incredibly important to the work we carry out at Jean Hailes. Our partners help to ensure that women have the information, resources and confidence to make the changes they need for a healthier life. 

Our partners

Principal Partner

The Australian Government Department of Health is the Principal Partner of Jean Hailes for Women's Health, working strategically with Jean Hailes to improve knowledge about women's health in Australia across the lifespan.

State Government Partners

The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services has engaged Jean Hailes to deliver a range of projects in Victoria, including educational resources for women and health professionals about diagnosing and managing endometriosis.

Primary Health Network Partners

Jean Hailes recognises the important role Primary Health Networks play in ensuring women are informed and able to seek the right health care from the right places at the right times. Jean Hailes actively seeks partnerships with Primary Health Networks across Australia, to work together to improve health literacy and access to women's health information.

Corporate Partners

Optimal health in the workplace drives employee engagement, productivity and retention. We also work in partnership with corporate companies that have a vested interest in women's health. Their strategic investment of funds, resources and skills enables us to collaboratively develop programs that enrich women's lives.

Jean Hailes proactively seeks to partner on an ongoing basis with corporate organisations that are committed to improving knowledge about women's health in Australia throughout the various stages of their lives.

We also partner with corporate organisations on specific projects or campaigns such as Women's Health Week in September each year, or organisations that can bring distribution networks that significantly extend the reach of our work in priority settings or population groups nationally.

Research partners

Partnering with research communities enables us to engage in joint research projects to meet community and health professional needs. We translate research outcomes to produce highly effective educational initiatives. The Jean Hailes Research Unit is a formal partnership with Monash University, located in the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine.

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