Lightning Ridge & Dubbo NSW, 2 March 2013

Last updated 19 April 2014

One of the programs that Jean Hailes offers to Australian women and health professionals is face-to-face education via our 'Jean Hailes Talks' community program, particularly targeted to those in regional and remote areas. These events often come about because a motivated health professional contacts Jean Hailes about the specific needs of their local community and the need for women's health education.

Last year Theresa Peady (a motivated community member but not a health professional) wrote to Jean Hailes: "I live at Lightning Ridge in NSW. Our nearest large town for major medical services and shopping is about 350km away. We have a very mixed community with a large component of migrant and indigenous people. Your program would be so beneficial to the women in our town. Please consider us in your plans!"

A year after Theresa's initial contact with Jean Hailes, the Lightning Ridge women's health event took place following a large health professional education event in Dubbo, the closest large regional centre to Lightning Ridge. Part of this program involves Jean Hailes forming partnerships with health and community organisations in an area; this supports the coordination and ensures that the education event is tailored to the local needs.

About 100 women from Lightning Ridge, Walgett, Collarenebri, Mungindi, Brewarrina, Bourke and Willameringle and Lightning Ridge Surrounding areas, packed the dining room of the Lightning Ridge Bowling Club to hear about managing menopause, sexual health and libido, and the importance of preventing health problems and ways to look after your future health. There was also a great Question and Answer session that covered a wide range of health topics. The event was well supported by fantastic local businesses who provided door prizes and entertainment and a raffle raised money for a local women's community group. 

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