Rural Queensland: Jean Hailes on the road with Heart of Australia

Last updated 18 October 2017

Heart of Australia heart truck in rural Queensland

In August, Jean Hailes for Women's Health took to the long and (not very winding) roads of south-west Queensland with the renowned Heart of Australia road train, to raise awareness of women's health in the lead-up to Women's Health Week.

We spent three days with the inspiring 'Heart Truck' founder, Dr Rolf Gomes, and his team as they took their 25-metre clinic on wheels to the towns of Dalby, Goondiwindi and St George, bringing specialised cardiac care to some of Australia's most remote communities.

While the truck staff saw patients throughout the day, we handed out resources including 250 Women's Health Week gift bags, three boxes of Jean Hailes magazines, booklets on parenting, PCOS, periods and endometriosis – and, of course, two big boxfuls of pink elephants!

Thanks to Mazda, we also managed to cover more than 1300 kilometres and, on the drive back from St George to Brisbane, dodge 20 kangaroos, an emu, one wild boar and one fox.

We proudly became the first health organisation to join the Heart of Australia on the road since it began operating three years ago and can't wait to do it again next year.

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