Melbourne: student wellbeing on World Mental Health Day

Last updated 23 October 2017

Jean Hailes for Women's Health celebrated the annual World Mental Health Day on 10 October with more than 170 students at a Women's Health Day at the University of Melbourne.

Hosted by the university's Graduate Student Association (GSA), the event gave us a great opportunity to chat to students about women's mental and emotional health and to showcase our Anxiety: learn, think, do website. Students showed great interest in seeking more support and information around understanding worry, anxiety and anxiety disorders that may occur at different times in their lives. 

Jean Hailes accredited practising dietitian Stephanie Pirotta spoke to students about the importance of good nutrition in fueling the brain for effective study. Other presentation topics were managing stress while studying, and domestic violence.

The event was a great success and gave women the chance to take some time out for themselves, participate in health checks, enjoy a nutritious lunch and reassess their health before the busy university exam period. All the best with your studies, ladies!

Jean Hailes was proud to be involved in this event with the University of Melbourne, and thanks the Graduate Student Association for the invitation.

Visit the Jean Hailes Anxiety hub for more information on anxiety and worry and access helpful tools and resources.

Photos courtesy of The University of Melbourne Graduate Student Association ©.
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