Sydney: 21st Annual Congress of Australasian Menopause Society

Last updated 23 October 2017

Jean Hailes had the privilege of attending the 21st Annual Congress of the Australasian Menopause Society (AMS) in Sydney from 13-15 October. The focus of this year's conference was 'Menopause: exploring the evidence', and was attended by more than 300 delegates.

Keynote speaker, Associate Professor Tomi Mikkola from Helsinki University in Finland, spoke on his study of reduced cardiovascular mortality risk for women who started menopausal hormone therapy close to the menopause.

Over the three days of the AMS conference, the numerous presentations included research on topics such as: moving through menopause with exercise; menopause in multicultural Australia; optimising sexual function at midlife; nutrition and brain health over the life course, and; managing menopause after breast cancer. 

Our head of Jean Hailes Translation, Education & Communication (TEC), Dr Helen Brown, presented on 'Women's Health Week: a national campaign for women's health'. The presentation included results from our annual women's health survey held earlier this year, which was completed by more than 10,000 women in Australia.

Jean Hailes endocrinologist Dr Sonia Davison also spoke on 'Non-hormonal treatments for menopausal symptoms: sexual dysfunction', the importance of identifying the symptoms or problems, and targeting treatments accordingly.

On 15 October, in conjunction with the AMS conference, Jean Hailes held a free community forum at Sydney's Sofitel Wentworth, titled 'Menopause: Science vs Fiction'.

Dr Helen Brown again presented, along with Jean Hailes medical director – and one of Australia's leading gynaecologists, Dr Elizabeth Farrell.

They spoke to the audience about managing menopausal symptoms and lifestyle changes, giving audience members the opportunity to ask questions about managing their own menopause. It was a lovely afternoon spent talking to some wonderful women in Sydney and empowering them to take charge of their lives.  

For more information, visit the Australasian Menopause Society website.

Learn more about the symptoms, causes and management on our menopause pages.

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