Breast pain

Some women have breast pain during their menstrual cycle. Learn here about when breast pain usually happens and what you can try to help with breast pain.

breast painThe menstrual cycle can lead to breasts being temporarily tender, engorged and lumpier.

Studies show around two thirds of women experience some breast pain during their cycle, which is usually normal. "Most often symptoms peak just before the period and improve with the onset of bleeding," says Jane O'Brien, specialist breast surgeon at the Epworth Breast Service, Richmond. "Symptoms appear to peak in adolescent girls and again in perimenopausal women, possibly because of fluctuating hormone levels. Normally pain is mild and women simply require reassurance that there's no cause for concern."

Treating tender breasts

If pain and tenderness are more severe, evening primrose oil may be recommended – around four grams or four capsules per day. "There is some limited scientific evidence of the benefit of evening primrose oil and it's virtually side-effect free," says Jane O'Brien. "It's believed to act by increasing the level of one of the essential fatty acids in the breast tissue and has a cumulative (increasing) effect, so you need to take it daily over several months to see maximal benefit. Around 60% of women may obtain some relief from evening primrose oil."

See your doctor to discuss what you can do if breast pain is troubling you and you think it is related to your menstrual cycle.

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