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Here you will find information on sex during your period and the importance of safe sex and contraception.

Sex during a period

There is no medical reason why women can't have sex during their period. Some women prefer not to because of personal, cultural or religious preferences.

Safer sex

Practising safer sex is important at any time to prevent contracting sexually transmissible infections (STIs) such as chlamydia, HIV or hepatitis B, including during your period.



Pregnancy can still occur when you have your period so if you want to prevent pregnancy, use contraception at all times

Last updated 24 July 2017 — Last reviewed 09 December 2013

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This web page is designed to be informative and educational. It is not intended to provide specific medical advice or replace advice from your health practitioner. The information above is based on current medical knowledge, evidence and practice as at December 2013.

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