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Last updated 18 December 2017

Many migrant groups in Australia suffer poorer health than the Australian-born population with evidence showing that the lack of culturally appropriate health information may be one of the contributing factors. To address this, Jean Hailes, with generous funding from the Collie Foundation, has conducted a three-year research project into better understanding the unique health information needs of migrant groups.

The results of this project are a range of culturally relevant resources that are freely available for download and distribution. These resources have been extensively tested within migrant groups. Jean Hailes is committed to improving the health of all women in Australia and this project is a testament to that vision.


This fact sheet defines endometriosis and briefly discusses the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Be healthier

These information sheets help readers to make healthier diet and lifestyle decisions. Each resource uses culturally relevant tips and examples. 



Middle aged woman sitting on steps looking out

This fact sheet defines what menopause is, explains the basic physiology and symptoms of menopause, gives helpful lifestyle tips and covers when to see a doctor. 

Polycystic ovary
syndrome (PCOS)

Purple orchid

This fact sheet includes a simple definition of PCOS, details the signs and symptoms, diagnosis, causes, management options, and the implications for fertility.

How to look after you brochure

How to look after you brochureA practical and easy to understand brochure aimed at helping women from all cultures think about their physical and mental health in the context of family relationships and experiences settling into Australia. These brochures were developed in partnership with InTouch Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence, and are also available to order in bulk.


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