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Last updated 21 March 2019

Jean Hailes produces a wide variety of free health information resources for women and health professionals. You can order some of the resources in bulk for your clinic, practice, health centre or other health service by submitting the order form below.

If you wish to order more or would like us to provide resource packs that meet your organisation's needs please contact Isabelle Catrice, Project Officer on [email protected] or phone 03 9453 8990.

Anxiety referral card

Anxiety website referral card

This business-sized card is a handy referral aid for GPs and Health Professionals. The card directs women to the Jean Hailes Anxiety hub, an online resource where women can learn about anxiety according to their specific life stage or life condition (eg fertility, pregnancy, chronic illness).  

Endometriosis HP tooll

Endometriosis health professional tool

This evidence-based tool for the assessment and management of endometriosis has been informed by the latest research and clinical expertise. It can act as a quick reference tool to guide initial diagnosis of endometriosis, provide guidance for ongoing management, and highlights practice points and key messages. View it online or place an order below.

Jean Hailes Magazine - order now in bulk

Jean Hailes Magazine 

Issued twice a year, our Magazine is filled with easy-to-read articles discussing the latest evidence on a range of women's health topics. This edition features articles on pelvic pain, alcohol use, fighting fatigue, food for optimal gut health and more. View it online or order below.

Jean Hailes postcard

Jean Hailes postcard

These postcards are perfect for introducing your patients and clients to the Jean Hailes website as well as the range of health topics we cover and our free resources.

Website referral card

Jean Hailes website referral card

** currently out of stock **

Do you refer patients and clients to the Jean Hailes website? Instead of writing down our web address on a piece of paper during the consultation, order a pack of these business-sized cards and simply hand one to your patient or client to take home and use.

How to look after you brochure


How to look after you

A practical and easy to understand brochure aimed at helping women from all cultures think about their physical and mental health in the context of family relationships and experiences settling into Australia. Developed in partnership with InTouch Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence.

Available in English, Arabic, Dari, Indian (Punjabi), Simplified Chinese, Tamil and Vietnamese. View the English version online, or place an order below. These resources are also available to download on our Multilingual resources page.

  Menopause tool

Menopause health professional tool

Previously known as the Menopause algorithm or GP tool, this improved and updated resource covers the phases of menopause, common symptoms, routine screening, hormone replacement therapy candidates, special considerations, bone health and emotional wellbeing. View it online, or place an order below.

   MumSpace postcards

MumSpace postcards

These postcards are the best way to introduce expecting and new mums to the MumSpace website. The website has a range of online resources and tools to support the emotional health of mums and is suitable for partners and healthcare professionals too. Place an order below.

   My period cover

My period - what's normal?

This brochure is designed for younger women to help them understand their periods. It explains what is and isn't normal, and what they can do if they have any questions or concerns. View it online, or place an order below.

Period pain & symptom diary

Period pain & symptom diary

This is an excellent resource to help younger women manage and understand their periods. It allows them to keep a record of their periods, especially to track pain and heavy bleeding, and is a useful tool when explaining symptoms to their doctor. View it online, or place an order below.

 PCOS tool

Polycystic ovary syndrome health professional tool

This health professional tool is a guide to comprehensive management of this complex condition and highlights key considerations such as emotional health, lifestyle, cardiometabolic health, weight management and fertility. View it online, or place an order below.

PCOS: all you need to know booklet

PCOS: All you need to know

** hard copies currently out of stock **

This concise booklet provides a general outline on polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and its health implications. View it online.

The vulva booklet

The vulva: irritation, diagnosis & treatment

Many women feel embarrassed talking about vulval symptoms and issues. This important information booklet is a good way to start the conversation. It details what's normal when it comes to vulval health, what causes irritation, how it can be managed and includes handy health tips to keep in mind. View it online or place an order below.

  Understanding endometriosis cover  

Understanding Endometriosis

** hard copies currently out of stock **

This booklet is an introduction to the condition of endometriosis and is ideal for women who have been newly diagnosed. Fourteen pages of text and diagrams explain endometriosis in clear and easy to understand language and provide a trusted resource to better understand this long term and often complex condition. View it online, or place an order below.

  What Were We Thinking! postcards  

What Were We Thinking! postcard

The perfect resource for new parents to be introduced to the What Were We Thinking! blog and free app: two online products that help support the health and wellbeing of new mums and dads in the perinatal period. Place an order below.

Yarning about parenthood and your bub

Yarning about parenthood and your bub

This booklet for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander audiences aims to help support the mental health of new parents. It is adapted from the What  W ere We Thinking program and provides practical approaches to adjusting to the new  role of being a parent. View it online, or place an order below.

Yarning about PCOS

Yarning about PCOS

** hard copies currently out of stock **

This booklet about polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is written for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and their communities. View it online,

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