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Last updated 11 December 2018

Please find listed a range of continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities in the area of women's health. The listing focuses on education from high-quality, not-for-profit providers and/or education that is provided free of charge.

Centre for Excellence in Rural Sexual Health (CERSH)

CERSH is funded by the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria through a service agreement with the University of Melbourne, to work across the Goulburn Valley, Northeast Victoria and Loddon Mallee regions. Their learning modules are useful for anyone working in rural areas outside Victoria.

Rural Sexual Health Care - Online Learning Modules
The ten modules are free and accredited. They can be taken individually or as a group, with RACGP and CDP points allocated accordingly.
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Continence Foundation of Australia

The Continence Foundation of Australia exists to serve all Australians by promoting bladder and bowel health.

Continence courses 
The Continence Foundation has a range of continence courses for professional development. Courses have an evidence-based framework for midwives in how to assist women at risk of bladder, bowel and pelvic floor disorders.
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Family Planning NSW

Family Planning NSW is a leading provider of specialist training for doctors, nurses, teachers, community workers and other professionals. They provide courses for doctors, international medical graduates, nurses, midwives and training for organisations.

Cervical Screening upskilling 
This course is designed to further develop knowledge and skills in the area of cervical screening; it comprises an online component, a face to face workshop and two cervical consultations with practice patients.
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National Cervical Screening Program Update Webinar
A two-hour web-based information session designed for doctors, nurses and midwives providing information on The National Cervical Screening Program; outline new technologies and sampling techniques and how to manage under and never screened groups.
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Contraceptive Implant (Implanon NXT®) Insertion and Removal Training for Healthcare Professionals
This face to face session aims to enable participants to safely insert and remove the contraceptive implant, Implanon NXT®.
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Doctors IMG - Reproductive and Sexual Health in the Australian Context
This two-day course is designed for international medical graduates with limited experience in reproductive and sexual health in the Australian setting.
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Doctors Short Course in Reproductive and Sexual Health
This two-day course is designed to provide participants with practical, evidence-based knowledge in contraception, sexually transmissible infections (STIs), unplanned pregnancy options, cervical cancer screening, menopause and other topics in reproductive and sexual health.
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FPAA National Certificate in Reproductive & Sexual Health for Doctors
This course is offered face to face and online and includes contraception, cervical screening, sexually transmissible infections (STIs), menopause, men's sexual health, common gynaecological conditions and other topics in reproductive and sexual health. 
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Well Women's Screening Course
This unique foundational course has been designed to provide registered nurses, midwives and enrolled nurses with the skills and knowledge needed to perform a holistic women's health screening consultation.  Topics including: Reproductive and Sexual Health history taking, chlamydia and cervical cancer screening, vulvovaginal assessment, pelvic floor, breast awareness and domestic and family violence screening.
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Family Planning VIC

Family Planning Victoria has a focus on reproductive and sexual health care, education and advocacy.  It has a range of courses for in reproductive and sexual health for doctors, nurses, teachers, community workers and other professionals. It is a registered training organisation offering a range of certificate and non-certificate courses in reproductive and sexual health education and training for doctors and nurses including IUD insertion training.

Cervical screening and introduction to sexual health (nursing) 
This course delivers the theoretical and clinical knowledge required to become a nurse cervical screening provider. Course content is based on the Australian Government approved competency guidelines for cervical screening providers in the renewed National Cervical Screening Program.
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Comprehensive sexual and reproductive health (nursing) course
This course provides up-to-date, evidence-based information on a broad range of reproductive and sexual health topics.
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FPAA National certificate in reproductive and sexual health for Doctors.
This intensive and comprehensive course for doctors, provides training for excellence in the delivery of sexual and reproductive health in primary care.
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An Australian perspective: Women's reproductive and sexual health
This course provides medical practitioners with an introduction to Women's Reproductive and Sexual Health with an aim to provide foundation skills to those with limited experience in the Australian context. It has a strong focus on physical examination techniques and communication skills.
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Vulvovaginal Health
This 3.5 hour fully online learning offering provides education and interactive case-based learning for doctors, nurses and midwives in vulval anatomy and common and important vulvovaginal health conditions.  Participating in this course will enhance your ability to identify, diagnose and manage a range of common vulvovaginal conditions.
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NPS MedicineWise Learning

NPS MedicineWise Learning provides health professionals and students with a range of learning activities and resources. All our courses are available free of charge.

National cervical screening program
This series of six modules provides training for healthcare providers who conduct cervical screening tests and follow-up management for women aged 25-74.
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SHQ (Sexual Health Quarters)

SHQ (Sexual Health Quarters) in Western Australia offers a wide range of education and training opportunities for health professionals in sexual and reproductive health including certificate courses, IUD and Implanon training, cervical screening training.

Reproductive and sexual health for doctors.
This course covers reproductive and sexual health issues for both women and men at a post graduate level.
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Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT

Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT is the leader in integrated sexual and reproductive health workforce development, including post-graduate sexual and reproductive health education for nurses and doctors in the ACT region.  SHFPACT provides workforce skills development opportunities including training for doctors, GP registrars, nurses and midwives. They offer training for IUD insertion and working with people with disabilities.

Well women's screening course
Designed and developed to provide nurses, enrolled nurses and midwives working in primary health care with the skills and knowledge required to undertake Cervical Screening Tests under the new National Cervical Screening Program Guidelines, and comprehensive well women's screening consultations.
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Shine SA is a leading sexual health agency in South Australia.  They provide a range of education and training programs and courses for health professionals including Sexual & Reproductive Health for International Medical graduates, Implanon training and cervical screening.

Cervical screening credentialing program
This course is suitable for registered nurses/midwives, doctors and enrolled nurses working in general practice or primary health, and is intended for ongoing cervical screening practice.
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Sexual and reproductive health workshop
This is a 1-day interactive workshop for doctors early in their career looking for an introduction to Sexual and Reproductive Health. This workshop is intended to provide increased knowledge and confidence in sexual health including contraceptive pill prescriptions, cervical screening and sexual history taking.
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Certificate in sexual health modules
The Certificate in Sexual Health comprises a theory component and an optional clinical placement.
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ThinkGP provides free, accredited, online educational activities for healthcare professionals

Women's health education
Covers three key aspects of women's health: breast cancer, heavy menstrual bleeding and cervical cancer. Screening and management methods in light of the latest clinical guidelines are explored, as well as effective management methods and when to refer patients to specialists.
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TRUE- Relationships and Reproductive Health Queensland

True provides medical education and clinical training for health professionals. They offer face to face courses in reproductive & sexual health, cervical screening and contraception. They also provide online education.

Breast medicine for health professionals.
This is an online course that  provides a solid foundation to managing common breast problems in clinical practice. The module provides information on the normal breast, breast lumps, and other common breast changes.
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Genital dermatology
The course provides clinicians an evidence-based foundation to managing common genital dermatological conditions. The module consists of a series of slides in which are embedded with clinical images, diagrams, case studies and links to references and resources with assessment at completion of the module.
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Introduction to sexual and reproductive health
The course aims to provide basic knowledge about aspects of sexual and reproductive health. The successful completion of this course enables the clinician to have a foundation to move on to further training.
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Migrant and refugee reproductive and sexual health
This full-day training will increase the competency and confidence of health care professionals in communicating with patients from refugee and migrant backgrounds in aspects of reproductive and sexual health.
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Sexually transmissible infections
This course provides a solid evidence-based foundation to managing common sexual health problems in clinical practice. The module provides information on the epidemiology, screening, clinical presentation, investigation and management for common and less common STIs.
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