Last updated 15 December 2016

An endocrinologist is a hormone specialist who has trained as a physician, following their basic medical degree.

Hormone problems treated by endocrinologists at the Jean Hailes Medical Centres include:

  • polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  • perimenopause
  • menopause
  • osteoporosis and osteopenia (lowered bone mineral density and/or fracture)
  • thyroid conditions
  • weight excess
  • menstrual migraine
  • excessive production of androgens (testosterone and similar hormones)
  • androgen deficiency
  • general endocrinology (including pituitary, adrenal and other bone disorders)

Health problems that may need assessment by an endocrinologist with women's health expertise include:

  • irregular or absent periods
  • excessive mood fluctuations during the menstrual cycle
  • excess facial or body hair growth
  • scalp hair loss
  • weight excess or deficiency
  • abnormal breast milk secretion (apart from that experienced during or after pregnancy/whilst breastfeeding)
  • hot flushes or night sweats

A referral from a GP or other health practitioner is necessary in order to see an endocrinologist. Please talk to our staff about what service you require when booking an appointment.


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