Vulval clinic

Last updated 15 December 2016

Vulval symptoms, such as itching, burning or lumps in the vulval area can be a sign of vulval disease and it is important to seek advice from your doctor as to what might be causing the symptoms. 

The Jean Hailes Medical Centre in Clayton, Victoria offers a dedicated vulval clinic with expertise provided by a vulval dermatologist, gynaecologist, women's health physician, physiotherapist and psychologist. You can ask your GP for a referral or ring our receptionists on 03 9562 7555 for more information.

Referral information for health professionals

The vulval service provides a complete service from diagnosing vulval disease through to management, treatment and follow-up.

We accept referrals if your patient has the following:

  • Vulval rash
  • A chronic lump or growth on the vulva
  • A chronic itch
  • A chronic ulcer
  • An area of pigmentation or a change in colour of the vulva
  • Difficulties with managing vulval skin disorders

Please provide as much detail as possible on presenting complaint, pre-referral management, outcomes, investigations and results. 

If your patient is not located in Victoria, search for a vulval specialist in your area.

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