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Last updated 15 December 2016

Referral Information for Colposcopy Service

Colposcopies are conducted fortnightly by gynaecologist Dr Jacqueline Boyle. Dr Boyle is accredited under RANZCOG's new colposcopy credentialing framework and has many years' experience in conducting colposcopies and biopsies. She is supported by practice nurse, Lea Beilby. 

Referrals MUST include a copy of the cytology report to enable appropriate triaging.

For inter-specialist referrals, the referral should stipulate if purely assessment is required, or assessment and ongoing management.  

Referrals should be faxed to (03) 9562 7477.  

Further enquiries regarding this service can be directed to the Jean Hailes Medical Centre on (03) 9562 7555.

Referral information for Telehealth

From 1 July 2011, Medicare funding was made available for video consultations for eligible patients. Payments are available for specialists, and for GPs, practice nurses and aboriginal health workers who provide patient-end support during a consultation. If you need further information on this you can visit and/or

Clinical Indications

Both you and the specialist must be satisfied that it is clinically appropriate to provide a video consultation to the patient. Advice from you in the referral will assist the specialist in this decision.


The MBS telehealth attendance items are not payable for services to an admitted hospital patient. Benefits are not payable for telephone or email consultations. There must be a visual and audio link between the patient and the specialist in order to bill these items.


The referral procedure for a video consultation is the same as that for conventional face to face consultations. No additional documentation is required.

What system do we use for telehealth consultations?

We use a software solution called Microsoft Lync Online which is part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite. Lync Online is a cloud based product that enables secure standards based connections, and most importantly, is interoperable with other systems due to a freely available download called Lync Attendee. Microsoft Lync 2010 Attendee is a conferencing client that allows users without Microsoft Lync 2010 installed, to participate in online meetings.

Security and interoperability were two of the main determining factors for us in deciding which product to adopt, along with cost. We explored several solutions before deciding to trial Lync Online and have subsequently installed it on each of our consulting room PCs. We use USB Microsoft LifeCam web cameras and have relatively new PCs, which have been more than adequate and generate appropriate quality consultations.

More information on Lync Online and Lync Attendee can be found at

What does Jean Hailes do?

On receipt of your referral for a telehealth consultation our reception staff will confirm eligibility and then send to you and the patient a booking confirmation letter. This letter outlines all of the details required for the appointment and the process of 'connecting' via video conference. We will also contact the patient and confirm arrangements for pre-billing.

Coordination Service

Prior to the appointment, it is recommended that we trial the communication method and our reception staff will contact you to discuss this. This test can be conducted with a member of your practice staff if you are unavailable, but is important to ensure there are no problems with connectivity on the day of the appointment.

For any further details regarding a telehealth consultation with Jean Hailes Medical Centre please contact the clinic on (03) 9562 7555.

Additional Information

For additional resources to help health professionals get started with telehealth, visit:

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