Contraception misconceptions

As we get older, we can laugh at some of the 'urban myths' about pregnancy that we believed as young girls. Toilet seats and public pools were often decried as being not only responsible for harbouring sexually…

How weight affects fertility

In this The Conversation article, Jean Hailes Senior Research Fellow Karin Hammarberg discusses the impact of being overweight on a woman's fertility. 

The seven steps to mindful eating

We've all done it: eaten our lunch in a rush and then wondered two minutes later where it all went and how it actually tasted. When it comes to mealtimes, what many of us could benefit from is the practice known as…

Ask Dr Jean | There is no such thing as a silly question

When it comes to women's health, there is no such thing as a silly question. Do you have a question you want answered, but have been too afraid or embarrassed to bring it up with your GP? Or you forgot to ask while you were…

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