A delicious start for Women’s Health Week

WHW smoothie

Healthy living is a key message for this year's annual Women's Health Week. To help promote the week and the importance of good health and wellbeing, Jean Hailes for Women's Health naturopath Sandra Villella has created a signature smoothie for Women's Health Week.

Now in its fifth year, Women's Health Week encourages women to make their health a priority. Held in the first week of September, it includes both online and on-the-ground events dedicated to getting women together and encouraging them to start making positive changes for their health.

Sandra says the WHW Smoothie is all about real food; whole, natural ingredients.

"It's important to eat fruits and vegetables just as nature intended for the best results," she says. "Peel and all, eating foods in their natural state has more health benefits than a supplement."

Jean Hailes for Women's Health is encouraging cafes to serve up the WHW Smoothie to customers during Women's Health Week, 4-8 September, and post their pictures on Instagram for a chance to win their café (and a few select customers) an exclusive visit from Sandra.

WHW Smoothie

150-200ml milk of your choice (cow, soy, almond or rice)
½ cup yoghurt of your choice (cow, sheep or coconut)
½ cup frozen strawberries and raspberries
1 dessertspoon each of unhulled sesame seeds, almonds and linseeds*
(*depending on the blender, the linseeds may need to be pre-ground)
Pinch of nutmeg

Blend in blender. Enjoy!

Media information

We can assist with images, interviews with health experts, Women's Health Week spokespeople and ambassadors, case studies, videos and key messages. For further campaign information, visit Women's Health Week. Please contact Janelle Carrigan on 0409 939 920 or email [email protected]

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