News / January 2017

Funding available: community education Victoria

Thanks to funding from the Eirene Lucas Foundation, Jean Hailes is pleased to offer a unique opportunity for Victorian communities to invite a Jean Hailes speaker to present on women's health at an event they are organising in their local area.

A healthy change that’s not hard to do

We all know the guilty feeling of giving up a New Year's resolution halfway through January. Here is one healthy change for 2017 that isn't too difficult to get right. It doesn't involve running a marathon or starting a new fad diet. It's a simple step, but an important one that points you in the right direction to help prevent chronic disease and potentially an early death.

Herald Sun article: Few women using stored eggs

As reported in The Herald Sun, research led by the Jean Hailes Research Unit has found that only a fraction of women freezing their eggs for social reasons have used them to have a baby.

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