Endometriosis: The Huffington Post speaks to Dr Liz Farrell

In an interview in today's Huffington Post, Dr Elizabeth Farrell, gynaecologist and medical director at Jean Hailes for Women's Health, talks about what every woman – and doctor – needs to know about the disease that affects more than half a million women in Australia.

Breaking the worry cycle by being active

When you're in the depths of worry or anxiety, it can be hard to focus on anything but your racing thoughts. You can feel stuck inside your head, inside a situation that won't let up… on a loop with no end in sight. So how do you break the cycle of worrying thoughts?

Could anxiety be misdiagnosed as postnatal depression?

Research Fellow at the Jean Hailes Research Unit Dr Karen Wynter joins Penny Johnstone on ABC Melbourne's Babytalk to discuss whether some cases of anxiety could be misdiagnosed as postnatal depression.

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