Don’t worry, be happy: Physical activity and happiness

A new research study published in BMC Public Health, that spanned 15 European countries, has found that happiness is associated with physical activity participation. Woman walking in sunshine, daisies

Researchers collected data from over 11,500 individuals on their state of happiness and physical activity participation. The researchers found increasing physical activity levels was associated with higher levels of happiness. The results indicated that the odds of being happy were 2% higher for each additional hour of walking and 3% higher for each additional hour of vigorous physical activity.

Jean Hailes physiotherapist Janetta Webb emphasises the importance of incorporating physical activity into our daily lives. Janetta says, “If you're finding it hard to get motivated, picture yourself with friends or family doing a fun activity. It doesn't have to be sweating it out at the gym, how about dancing, kayaking or bike riding? Try something you've always wanted to do.” 

“If you're meeting a friend for a coffee, exercise together (walk and talk) before you then settle down at the cafe. Set small goals, for example this week I will go for two walks around the block, and feel proud when you achieve it. You'll enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of your neighbourhood that you don't observe when in the car,” Janetta says. 

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