Jean Hailes wins Telstra Social Change Maker Award

Jean Hailes wins Telstra Social Change Maker Award

Jean Hailes for Women's Health won the Social Change Maker category for Victoria at the Telstra Business Awards last night in Melbourne.

The annual awards showcase some of Australia's leading businesses, scrutinising essential markers of success such as innovation and technology, financial acumen, strategy and vision and organisational values. Nationally, around 10,000 businesses were nominated for the awards and 168 made the finals.

The Victorian finalists competed in four categories—Social Change Maker, Emerging & Energised, Small & Succeeding, Medium & Making Waves.

"Being well and living a full and happily productive life can be difficult to measure," says Jean Hailes executive Janet Michelmore AO. "Acknowledgements such as the 2018 Telstra Social Change Maker Award reinforces that the Jean Hailes vision and strategy are embraced and shared by others."

This award shines a light on the value of prevention of disease, says Ms Michelmore. "We will give this accolade the respect it deserves by continuing to offer the women of Australia our unwavering commitment to keeping women well throughout their lives."

As the state winner of the Social Change Maker category, Jean Hailes will now compete with the other state and territory finalists in this category for the national award on 20 September.

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