The Mental Load – a Christmas story

At this time of year, many women find their 'mental load' increases. What is the mental load? It's all the mental work, the organising, list-making, planning, that you do to manage your life, and that of those…

Step away from the smartphone!

How many times a day do you check your phone – for a new message, an email, or to scroll through Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or Facebook? Do you need to go on a 'digital detox'?

How to reward yourself (with no regrets)

Go on! Give yourself a treat. Go to the beach, see that movie, get that pedicure. Whoever thought that rewarding yourself could be good for you? Well actually, it is … if it's done in a positive and nurturing way…

Oestrogen patch shortage: some supplies resuming

Many women going through menopause use oestrogen patches, a hormone replacement treatment used to manage menopausal symptoms. Many of these products have been in short supply this year, however, some supplies are now resuming.…

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