Parents seek the secret to getting a baby to sleep

How to get babies to sleep

'How to get babies to sleep' is the most-searched topic online by parents. In this article, Director of the Jean Hailes Research Unit and co-developer of the What Were We Thinking! program, Professor Jane Fisher, says parents need to use credible sources of information when it comes to their baby care. Read the News Corp article.

The What Were We Thinking! blog and app provide practical skills for settling babies and are resources adapted from the evidence-based What Were We Thinking! program. They focus on the practical and personal aspects of parenting, helping parents to learn more about strategies for sleep and settling, ways to manage crying, establishing a Feed-Play-Sleep routine and more.  

The app is free to download on iOS and Android, and provides week-by-week information for the first six months of life with a baby. 

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