Transvaginal mesh: what you need to know

Transvaginal mesh complications

If you're a woman who has had a pelvic floor disorder, you may have heard of surgical treatments using transvaginal mesh. You may have also heard reports of complications with this treatment in some women. If you are confused or concerned about seeking treatment, or perhaps are experiencing complications or pain that you think might be related, read on to learn more about transvaginal mesh.

What is transvaginal mesh?

Transvaginal mesh is a net-like substance used to provide extra support when repairing weakened or damaged internal tissue. The mesh has many holes within it to allow the body's own tissue to grow into the mesh - the mesh then provides a framework of support. It can be used to treat pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence.

To learn more about transvaginal mesh, including:

  • when transvaginal mesh is used
  • things to know if you are considering having transvaginal mesh implanted
  • complications
  • alternative treatment options and
  • where to get help


To learn more about pelvic organic prolapse and stress urinary incontinence visit our bladder and bowel webpages.

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