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Navigating perimenopause - Jean Hailes Magazine
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Medical & health articles pdf 499 KB 20 February 2017

Perimenopause can be a time of hormonal fluctuations, but there are positive ways to find relief.

What happens when you see a pelvic floor physiotherapist or endocrinologist? - Jean Hailes Magazine
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Medical & health articles pdf 416 KB 20 February 2017

Learn what to expect inside the clinics of allied health practices that help rehabilitate pelvic floor muscles and treat hormonal conditions.

Sexually transmitted infections - Jean Hailes Magazine
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Medical & health articles pdf 719 KB 20 February 2017

The stigma around STIs means many people are afraid to talk about them. But with a bit of knowledge, STIs don’t have to be a problem.

Red is the new black - Jean Hailes Magazine
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Medical & health articles pdf 380 KB 20 February 2017

Painting your diet red isn’t a health fad. It can potentially reduce chronic disease.

Heavy menstrual bleeding: diagnosis & management - Health Professional webinar
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Webinar 1.5 hours 07 March 2017

Heavy menstrual bleeding is one of the most common forms of abnormal uterine bleeding. Learn more about this health issue from our expert panel.

The itchy vulva
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Videos 18 mins 07 March 2017

Jean Hailes dermatologist, Dr Tanja Bohl, discusses causes of an itchy vulva, diagnosis, and management and treatment of vulval irritation.

Vulva - what’s normal? - Dr Geraldine Edgley
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Videos 19 mins 07 March 2017

Jean Hailes Specialist Women’s Health GP, Dr Geraldine Edgley discusses vulval health and what’s normal. Each woman’s vulva is unique in size and appearance including variation in the size, shape and length.

The vulva: irritation, diagnosis & treatment
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Booklets pdf 867 KB 07 March 2017

To help get women talking about this important area of health, Jean Hailes has produced an information booklet all about the vulva. Find out what’s normal when it comes to vulval health, what causes irritation, how it can be managed and handy health tips to keep in mind.

Heavy bleeding examined - Medical Observer
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Medical & health articles pdf 3 MB 03 March 2017

In this Medical Observer article, Jean Hailes gynaecologist Dr Janine Manwaring explains the steps involved that ensures a thorough investigation of menorrhagia.

Perimenopause, STIs, The power of nature’s red foods: Magazine Vol 1 2017

Jean Hailes Magazine pdf 4 MB 19 February 2017

The latest Jean Hailes Magazine features these articles:
Perimenopause: how to manage the change before ‘The Change’
STIs: what you need to know about sexually transmitted infections
Red is the new black: learn about the power of nature’s red foods
A recipe for a protein-packed vegetable frittata by Jean Hailes naturopath Sandra Villella

Vegetable frittata - Jean Hailes Kitchen video

Videos 2 mins 17 February 2017

A well-made frittata is the perfect meal. It’s quick to make, packed with protein, is a great way to use leftovers and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Vegetable frittata recipe

Recipes pdf 888 KB 14 February 2017

An easy, protein-packed meal that is suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Red cabbage coleslaw recipe

Recipes pdf 1 MB 14 February 2017

This simple dish is rich in antioxidants and is great as a side salad or on its own.

Changes to Pap tests in Australia

Fact sheets 31 January 2017

On May 1, 2017, Pap tests are changing in Australia. Here you’ll find what you need to know.

Heads up on female heart risk - Medical Observer
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Medical & health articles pdf 634 KB 31 January 2017

Jean Hailes Medical Director, Dr Elizabeth Farrell explores the latest findings in female cardiac health.

Natural therapies & supplements - fact sheet

Fact sheets pdf 370 KB 04 January 2017

Too busy to look after yourself? - tool

Tools pdf 1 MB 29 November 2016

This great A4 poster of six quick tips to look after yourself is perfect to print out and pop on your fridge as a gentle reminder during busy times.

When to consider fragile X
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Medical & health articles pdf 512 KB 29 November 2016

Professor Martin Delatycki explains fragile X syndrome and the health impacts for women.

Raw white Christmas balls recipe

Recipes pdf 680 KB 29 November 2016

Delicious, nutritious and not even a little bit naughty!

Endometriosis - Back to basics - Dr Elizabeth Farrell

Videos 3 mins 17 November 2016

Jean Hailes Gynaecologist, Dr Elizabeth Farrell gives a brief overview of the symptoms, management and treatment options for endometriosis.

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