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Too busy to look after yourself? - tool

Tools pdf 1 MB 29 November 2016

This great A4 poster of six quick tips to look after yourself is perfect to print out and pop on your fridge as a gentle reminder during busy times.

When to consider fragile X
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Medical & health articles pdf 512 KB 29 November 2016

Professor Martin Delatycki explains fragile X syndrome and the health impacts for women.

Raw white Christmas balls recipe

Recipes pdf 680 KB

Delicious, nutritious and not even a little bit naughty!

Endometriosis - Back to basics - Dr Elizabeth Farrell

Videos 3 minutes 17 November 2016

Jean Hailes Gynaecologist, Dr Elizabeth Farrell gives a brief overview of the symptoms, management and treatment options for endometriosis.

My period - what’s normal?

Fact sheets pdf 2 MB 10 November 2016

This booklet is designed for young girls to help them understand their periods. It explains what is and isn’t normal, and what they can do if they have any questions or concerns.

Period pain & symptom diary

Tools pdf 279 KB 10 November 2016

The period pain & symptom diary is an excellent resource to help young girls manage and understand their periods. It allows them to keep a record of their periods, especially to track pain, and is a useful tool to use when explaining symptoms to their doctor.

Understanding endometriosis

Booklets pdf 2 MB 10 November 2016

This booklet is an introduction to the condition of endometriosis and is ideal for girls and women who have been newly diagnosed. Fourteen pages of text and diagrams that explain endometriosis in clear and easy to understand language, that will provide you, as well as your family, partner and friends with a trusted resource to better understand this long term and often complex condition.

Endometriosis health professional tool
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Tools pdf 1 MB 01 September 2016

This evidence-based tool for the assessment and management of endometriosis has been informed by the latest research and clinical expertise. It can act as a quick reference tool to guide initial diagnosis of endometriosis, provide guidance for ongoing management, and highlights practice points and key messages.

Too busy? Five things you can do to look after yourself - video

Videos 3 mins 08 November 2016

When we’re busy it can be difficult to put our health first. Here are five simple tips, brought to you by Jean Hailes naturopath Sandra Villella, to get more nutritious habits in your day.

Can Food Be A Medicine Against Cancer?

Books $24.95Available in the shop

Does eating certain foods help protect you from developing cancer? Which foods should we all be eating? 

Written by surgical oncologist Dr David Wilkinson, this book takes you on a tour of the top foods that protect against cancer and delves into the scientific reasons why these foods are effective. Discover how cancer cells work and what turns them off.

Talking to teenagers - Medical Observer
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Medical & health articles pdf 570 KB

Royal Children’s Hospital Gynaecologist, Dr Melissa Cameron suggests practical ways for practitioners to build trust and engage with adolescent patients.

Working with IUDs - Medical Observer
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Medical & health articles pdf 537 KB

Dr Terri Foran discusses IUDs as an effective, long acting reversible contraception (LARC).

The good news on nuts - Jean Hailes Magazine

Medical & health articles pdf 288 KB

They may be small but they offer a surprising number of big health benefits.

What happens when you see an Osteopath or Exercise Physiologist? - Jean Hailes Magazine

Medical & health articles pdf 836 KB

Learn what to expect inside the clinics of allied health practices that help keep your body fit and strong.

Health challenges of rural life - Jean Hailes Magazine

Medical & health articles pdf 215 KB

Women living in rural areas have a range of healthcare disadvantages compared to women in urban areas.

The 3Ss - Jean Hailes Magazine

Medical & health articles pdf 350 KB

Salt, sugar and sitting and their impact on our health.

Body Image - Jean Hailes Magazine

Medical & health articles pdf 571 KB

Women are their own worst enemies when it comes to how they see themselves. But there are ways to make positive changes.

Muesli Slice recipe

Recipes pdf 647 KB 22 September 2016

A muesli slice packed with ingredients that help to lower cholesterol and a delicious way to incorporate psyllium husks into a healthy snack.

Apple and berry tofu muffins recipe

Recipes pdf 345 KB 22 September 2016

Get the goodness of protein and phytoestrogen-rich tofu in a muffin.

Pointers on iron deficiency - Medical Observer
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Medical & health articles pdf 505 KB 01 September 2016

Dr Pradeep Jayasura provides the latest information on iron deficiency treatment and management.

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