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Transvaginal mesh complications - Health Professional tool
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External Links 07 February 2018

This tool, developed by Safer Care Victoria, will assist general practitioners in identifying complications and supporting women affected by transvaginal mesh. Transvaginal mesh is a medical product which has been used for over 15 years to treat pelvic organ prolapse and urinary stress incontinence. Some women have experienced serious and debilitating complications following such surgery.

Common vulval conditions - Health Professional webinar
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Webinar 1.5 hours 07 February 2018

Dr Karen Berzins, Dr Tanha Bohl, Dr Kathryn Cook and Dr Elizabeth Farrell explore the diagnosis and management of common vulval conditions.

Breathe List Journal
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Books $13.95Available in the shop

Are you an habitual list-maker who likes to keep track of tasks and gains satisfaction from ticking each one off? Or perhaps you prefer to live more spontaneously? Whichever camp you're in, often it can be valuable to take time to pause and reflect. Breathe List Journal is here to help you achieve mindful self-reflection as well as track goals and chase your dreams.

Divided into five sections – Escape, Living, Mindfulness, Creativity and Wellbeing – each of which provides the opportunity to explore the past, present and future. There are also pages to create and personalise your lists, ask questions, and jot down ideas, with extra room left for ruminating on the music, literature, events and people who have made up the significant chapters in your life.

An introduction to mindfulness - podcast
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Podcasts 11 mins 01 September 2017

Mindfulness expert Peter Muizulis explains how mindfulness might help you, sharing how to practise mindfulness and the benefits it provides.

How to make positive changes - podcast
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Podcasts 5 mins 01 September 2017

An expert in behaviour change, Dr Helen Brown gives her top tips on how you can make positive changes that last.

A guided mindfulness meditation for you to try - podcast
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Podcasts 7 mins 01 September 2017

In this podcast, mindfulness expert Peter Muizulis guides you through a mindfulness meditation that you can practise right now, and return to time and again.

Hidden chemical menace - Medical Observer
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Medical & health articles pdf 734 KB 30 December 2017

In this ‘Talking Women’ article for Medical Observer, Dr Karin Hammarberg, discusses why patients wanting to conceive should avoid endocrine disrupters.

Turkey stuffing recipe

Recipes pdf 203 KB 13 December 2017

This meat-free stuffing is made up of whole food ingredients. Ground nuts, leek and celery form the base instead of bread and/or mince (traditionally used as the bulk of stuffing), along with some classic aromatic stuffing herbs.

Raw Christmas pudding balls recipe

Recipes pdf 182 KB 06 December 2017

Enjoy them plain as mini cakes, or top them to make tiny puddings – either way, these raw treats pack a punch of festive season flavour.

Seeded crackers recipe

Recipes pdf 190 KB 05 December 2017

Store-bought crackers can hide unhealthy fats and oils, as well as sugar and additives. But you won’t find those in these easy and healthy home-made alternatives.

Heavy menstrual bleeding: an update for health professionals - podcast
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Podcasts 14 MINS 28 November 2017

With the release of the Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Clinical Care Standard, Jean Hailes gynaecologist Dr Elizabeth Farrell speaks about how to appropriately assess and care for women experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding.

Three tips to maintain bone health - video

Videos 1 min 28 November 2017

The basics of bone health: learn about the three pillars.

Three simple ways to be more active - video

Videos 2 mins 28 November 2017

Watch this short animation on three ways to include incidental exercise throughout your day.

A real-life account of a heart attack - video

Videos 7 mins 28 November 2017

Heart disease can look very different in women to men. In this video, hear about a real-life account of a heart attack from a woman who has lived through it.

Three easy exercises you can do anywhere, anytime - video

Videos 3 mins 28 November 2017

Three simple exercises you can do at the office, at home, in the park or at the gym.

How to get a better night’s rest - video

Videos 2 mins 28 November 2017

Learn how to get a better night’s rest by watching this short animation.

The Vegetable: Recipes that celebrate nature

Books $50.00Available in the shop

In this stunning book, vegetables become the stars of mealtimes, celebrated in 130 plant-based, delicious recipes. We all know that vegies are good for us – and many of us simply don't eat enough of them! The Vegetable will almost certainly help you to get your 5-a-day, and compel you to invite friends and family over to show off how scrumptious you can make them look and taste.

This locally produced hardback is broken into different sections such as 'Brassicas', 'Bulbs & Fungi' and 'Flowers, Shoots & Stems', and includes rose gold-edged pages and outstanding photography throughout. This book is a delight and inspiration for anyone looking to eat more vegetables, and would also make a wonderful gift.

Transvaginal mesh: what you need to know

External Links 09 November 2017

The Better Health Channel has released information on transvaginal mesh and reports of complications with this treatment in some women. Learn about transvaginal mesh including alternative treatment options and where to get help if you’re experiencing complications.

Hearts in need of some TLC - Medical Observer
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Medical & health articles pdf 761 KB 08 November 2017

In the latest ‘Talking Women’ article for Medical Observer, Associate Professor Lynne Pressley discusses how many women are unaware of the risk of cardiovascular disease and how to beat it.

Osteoporosis guideline - Osteoporosis Australia & RACGP
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External Links 07 November 2017

Osteoporosis Australia and RACGP have released a new guideline, designed to provide clear, up-to-date and evidence-based recommendations to assist GPs and other health professionals in managing older patients with osteoporosis.

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