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Don’t let PMS cramp their style - Medical Observer
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Medical & health articles pdf 142 KB 12 June 2018

In this ‘Talking Women’ article for Medical Observer, Jean Hailes Medical Director Dr Elizabeth Farrell details the four levels of treatment for PMS as well as criteria for diagnosis.

Sexual health: Women’s Stuff - video
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Videos 19 MINS 30 May 2018

In this Women’s Stuff event presentation GP Dr Kerryn Rae discusses sexual health and the importance of health checks.

Menopause 101: Women’s Stuff - video
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Videos 25 MINS 30 May 2018

In this Women’s Stuff event presentation our endocrinologist Sonia Davison discusses menopause.

Food as medicine: Women’s Stuff - video
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Videos 14 MINS 30 May 2018

In this Women’s Stuff event presentation our naturopath Sandra Villella discusses food as medicine and tips on grocery shopping for health.

Applying the teach-back tool - Medical Observer
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Medical & health articles pdf 485 KB 14 May 2018

In this ‘Talking Women’ article for Medical Observer, senior research fellow Alison Beauchamp, discusses the method ‘teach-back’ to improve the health outcomes of a consultation.

Some Girls

Books $19.99Available in the shop

If you want to instil confidence in the little girl in your life to be comfortable in her own skin, then look no further than Some Girls, the debut book by Melbourne comedian – and Jean Hailes ambassador – Nelly Thomas.

In Some Girls*, Thomas challenges the gender stereotype that girls should look and behave a certain way, and instead celebrates the fact that every little girl is different and special in her own way. It's a powerful message – for both children and adults – but delivered lovingly and lightly through funny rhymes and beautiful illustrations.

Whether your little girl is tender or tough, plays with dolls or dirt, or likes her hair short or long, this book will let her know that all girls can be whatever they want.

*Some Boys is also due for release soon.

Heavy menstrual bleeding: what women need to know - podcast

Podcasts 9 MINS 07 May 2018

Jean Hailes Medical Director, Dr Elizabeth Farrell, discusses heavy menstrual bleeding through a personal story with a woman who suffered heavy periods for more than 25 years.

Mindful eating tool

Tools pdf 275 KB 02 May 2018

This poster promotes mindful eating. Pop it on display to help you enjoy mealtimes more and stay in control of eating.

Dense breasts - Medical Observer
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Medical & health articles pdf 701 KB 07 May 2018

In the latest ‘Talking Women’ article for Medical Observer, Jean Hailes endocrinologist Dr Sonia Davison and specialist surgeon Mr Su-Wen Loh discuss the high-risk and challenging elements of dense breasts.

Raw cacao Easter truffles

Recipes pdf 184 KB 20 March 2018

These simple and delightful mouthfuls of chocolate have the sweetness of Easter eggs and a hint of hot cross bun flavour.

Let’s not normalise period pain - Medical Observer
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Medical & health articles pdf 660 KB 19 March 2018

In this ‘Talking Women’ article for Medical Observer, Jean Hailes gynaecologist Dr Janine Manwaring discusses endometriosis and pelvic pain.

Savoury phytoestrogen bread

Recipes pdf 182 KB 02 March 2018

Are you bothered by menopause symptoms? This tasty, phytoestrogen-rich bread may offer some relief.

‘Clean eating’: orthorexia nervosa - Medical Observer
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Medical & health articles pdf 727 KB 22 February 2018

In this ‘Talking Women’ article for Medical Observer, Clinical Psychologist, Gillian Needleman, discusses orthorexia nervosa.

Breakfast Brain Topper

Recipes pdf 172 KB 2 mins 21 February 2018

Pop this delicious combination of linseeds, walnuts, cinnamon and blueberries on your porridge or yoghurt to help give your brain a boost.

Eggplant and Mediterranean salad

Recipes pdf 162 KB 35 mins 21 February 2018

This easy-to-make dish embodies the health-supporting Mediterranean diet.

The New Puberty

Books $25.00Available in the shop

Well researched and engaging, The New Puberty explores the physiological and societal changes affecting this generation of children as they embark on puberty – in many cases, earlier than their parents and grandparents did, hence the book's title.

Author Amanda Dunn is the politics and society editor for The Conversation, and was a journalist with The Age newspaper for 16 years. For the book, Dunn has interviewed specialist doctors, psychologists, social researchers, principals, teachers and parents, resulting in an evidence-based, approachable book that details the facts about puberty, as well as providing practical suggestions – such as conversation starters – for parents. Personal anecdotes and those of friends and survey respondents are also laced through the book, illustrating the breadth of people's experiences of puberty.

The New Puberty is divided into four main sections. The first discusses theories behind the earlier onset of puberty (eg, better nutrition, environmental triggers) and the growing disparity between children's physical and psychosocial development. The second and third sections are devoted to girls' puberty and boys' puberty respectively, while the fourth explores the gaps in the current model of sexuality education in schools, and urges for reform.

Future you, Brain power, Bowel wellbeing: Magazine Vol 1 2018

Jean Hailes Magazine pdf 3 MB 23 February 2018

The latest Jean Hailes Magazine features these articles:
Future you: sow the seeds today for a healthier future
Brain power: why eating well can boost your mind and body
Bowel wellbeing: how one simple step can help prevent cancer

Transvaginal mesh complications - Health Professional tool
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External Links 07 February 2018

This tool, developed by Safer Care Victoria, will assist general practitioners in identifying complications and supporting women affected by transvaginal mesh. Transvaginal mesh is a medical product which has been used for over 15 years to treat pelvic organ prolapse and urinary stress incontinence. Some women have experienced serious and debilitating complications following such surgery.

Common vulval conditions - Health Professional webinar
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Webinar 1.5 hours 07 February 2018

Dr Karen Berzins, Dr Tanha Bohl, Dr Kathryn Cook and Dr Elizabeth Farrell explore the diagnosis and management of common vulval conditions.

Breathe List Journal

Books $13.95Available in the shop

Are you an habitual list-maker who likes to keep track of tasks and gains satisfaction from ticking each one off? Or perhaps you prefer to live more spontaneously? Whichever camp you're in, often it can be valuable to take time to pause and reflect. Breathe List Journal is here to help you achieve mindful self-reflection as well as track goals and chase your dreams.

Divided into five sections – Escape, Living, Mindfulness, Creativity and Wellbeing – each of which provides the opportunity to explore the past, present and future. There are also pages to create and personalise your lists, ask questions, and jot down ideas, with extra room left for ruminating on the music, literature, events and people who have made up the significant chapters in your life.

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