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Some Girls

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If you want to instil confidence in the little girl in your life to be comfortable in her own skin, then look no further than Some Girls, the debut book by Melbourne comedian – and Jean Hailes ambassador – Nelly Thomas.

In Some Girls*, Thomas challenges the gender stereotype that girls should look and behave a certain way, and instead celebrates the fact that every little girl is different and special in her own way. It's a powerful message – for both children and adults – but delivered lovingly and lightly through funny rhymes and beautiful illustrations.

Whether your little girl is tender or tough, plays with dolls or dirt, or likes her hair short or long, this book will let her know that all girls can be whatever they want.

*Some Boys is also available now.

Some Boys

Books $19.99Available in the shop

The evidence is clear. For many women, one of the most potentially powerful influences on their wellbeing is how men in their lives – be they loved ones or strangers – behave towards them. The evidence is also clear that what we learn about relationships, and how to conduct them, starts when we are young.

In this way, Some Boys – the latest book from Melbourne author, comedian and Jean Hailes ambassador Nelly Thomas – is well placed to make a most profound and positive impact on our next generation of brothers, friends, dads and husbands – and in turn, the girls and women in their lives.

This delightful book of simple and funny rhymes offers a great opportunity to help young boys aged 0-7 years to grow into respectful, empathetic and confident men. Like its companion book, Some Girls*, released earlier this year, Some Boys is all about teaching the children in our lives – and the adults around them – that gender stereotypes do not have to dictate how a person looks and behaves, and need not be a basis for potentially hurtful judgement.

With beautiful and funny illustrations from Sarah Dunk, Some Boys inspires little boys to like whatever they want, to look however they want, that "all boys can be whatever they want", and that being different is OK. Some Boys celebrates that everyone is special in their own way. Because we are.

*Also in stock

Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain

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Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain, written by Dr Susan Evans with Deborah Bush QSM, is an easy-to-read and practical guide that answers the questions you have always wanted to ask about endometriosis. What is it? Will I be able to have children? Do I need an operation? How can I help myself? Some women have bad periods but are otherwise well. Others have many problems including an irritable bowel (IBS), migraine headaches, bladder issues, sharp, stabbing pains or painful sex. This book helps you live well without pain.

The Women’s Brain Book

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The Women's Brain Book takes a detailed look at the female brain throughout key life stages, providing interesting insights into a woman's physical and mental health. Using a rich mix of research findings, case studies and interviews, the way in which nature (eg, genes, hormones, neural activity) and nurture (eg, childhood events, social connections, education) combine to sculpt the brain is well illustrated.

Author Dr Sarah McKay is an Oxford educated neuroscientist who writes for numerous publications translating brain science research in to health and wellbeing information.

This easy-to-read book explores the functioning of the female brain from its very beginnings; from the in utero stage, through the subsequent life phases of childhood, puberty and adolescence, pregnancy and motherhood, menopause and the ageing brain.

Other chapters are devoted to key areas of women's health; the menstrual cycle, depression and anxiety, and sex, love and neurobiology.

Dr McKay believes brain-based explanations can be a powerful tool for change. This belief is evident in the book and is coupled with practical checklists and information for women to use to instigate change. Read either in its entirety, or have at hand as a reference book; either way, this is an insightful and reassuring book for all women.

The Vegetable: Recipes that celebrate nature

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In this stunning book, vegetables become the stars of mealtimes, celebrated in 130 plant-based, delicious recipes. We all know that vegies are good for us – and many of us simply don't eat enough of them! The Vegetable will almost certainly help you to get your 5-a-day, and compel you to invite friends and family over to show off how scrumptious you can make them look and taste.

This locally produced hardback is broken into different sections such as 'Brassicas', 'Bulbs & Fungi' and 'Flowers, Shoots & Stems', and includes rose gold-edged pages and outstanding photography throughout. This book is a delight and inspiration for anyone looking to eat more vegetables, and would also make a wonderful gift.

The New Puberty

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Well researched and engaging, The New Puberty explores the physiological and societal changes affecting this generation of children as they embark on puberty – in many cases, earlier than their parents and grandparents did, hence the book's title.

Author Amanda Dunn is the politics and society editor for The Conversation, and was a journalist with The Age newspaper for 16 years. For the book, Dunn has interviewed specialist doctors, psychologists, social researchers, principals, teachers and parents, resulting in an evidence-based, approachable book that details the facts about puberty, as well as providing practical suggestions – such as conversation starters – for parents. Personal anecdotes and those of friends and survey respondents are also laced through the book, illustrating the breadth of people's experiences of puberty.

The New Puberty is divided into four main sections. The first discusses theories behind the earlier onset of puberty (eg, better nutrition, environmental triggers) and the growing disparity between children's physical and psychosocial development. The second and third sections are devoted to girls' puberty and boys' puberty respectively, while the fourth explores the gaps in the current model of sexuality education in schools, and urges for reform.

Breathe List Journal

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Are you an habitual list-maker who likes to keep track of tasks and gains satisfaction from ticking each one off? Or perhaps you prefer to live more spontaneously? Whichever camp you're in, often it can be valuable to take time to pause and reflect. Breathe List Journal is here to help you achieve mindful self-reflection as well as track goals and chase your dreams.

Divided into five sections – Escape, Living, Mindfulness, Creativity and Wellbeing – each of which provides the opportunity to explore the past, present and future. There are also pages to create and personalise your lists, ask questions, and jot down ideas, with extra room left for ruminating on the music, literature, events and people who have made up the significant chapters in your life.

More Secret Girls’ Business

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More Secret Girls' Business is a great go-to for girls aged 10+ to gain a greater understanding of puberty, periods, and the many varied physical and emotional changes this major life chapter brings; from hair growth to how to use tampons, from self-care to self-esteem, it's filled with practical information told in simple language and supported with fun illustrations. There's also tips for mums, dads and other important adults in a girl's life to ensure puberty is a positive experience for all concerned.

A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled

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500 years ago no-one died of stress: we invented this concept and now we let it rule us. We might have evolvedto be able to miraculously balance on seven-inch heels, but as far as our emotional development is concerned we're still swimming with the pond scum. If we don't advance our more human qualities then we're doomed evolution-wise to become cyborgs, with an imprint of an 'Apple' where our hearts used to be. In this book, brash American comedian and writer, Ruby Wax shows us a scientific solution to these modern problems: mindfulness.

Outrageously witty, smart and accessible, Ruby Wax shows ordinary people how and why to change for good. With mindfulness advice for relationships, for parents, for children and for teenagers.

Girl Stuff: Your Full-On Guide to the Teen Years

Books $39.99Available in the shop

Girl Stuff has everything girls need to know about: friends, body changes, shopping, clothes, make - up, pimples (arrghh), sizes, hair, earning money, guys, embarrassment, what to eat, moods, smoking, why diets suck, handling love and heartbreak, exercise, school stress, sex, beating bullies and mean girls, drugs, drinking, how to find new friends, cheering up, how to get on with your family, and confidence. Each chapter includes facts, hints, inspiring lists, hundreds of quotes from real girls, and details for over 350 websites, books and other information. 

You’re Still Hot to Me: the Joys of Menopause

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What's so funny about menopause? You're Still Hot to Me provides evidence-based information you can trust, presented clearly and entertainingly, ranging from symptoms and treatments to how to emerge from 'the Change' with your dearest relationships still intact.

Australian comedian Jean Kittson's message is clear: menopause is no life 'finale', it's not to be feared and it's time for today's menopausal women to embrace being the generation who can actually talk about it.

10 Simple Solutions for Building Self Esteem

Books $29.99Available in the shop

Easy to understand tips for fostering a positive sense of self, which draws on techniques from Eastern and Western traditions: mindfulness practice, thought-watching, strengths appreciation, and more.

Stress: how to cope with pressure

This book explains how to cope with stress using relaxation techniques and positive thinking. You'll also learn strategies and vital skills in assertiveness. A great self-help guide on how to overcome conflict and negativity. Author Dr David Lake is a medical practitioner who has practised counselling and developed strategies for managing stress for 25 years. He argues that stress is one of the most prevalent health issues facing modern day life. This informative book explains how to cope with stress using relaxation techniques and positive thinking. It offers strategies for the workplace and the home as well as teaching vital skills in assertiveness. (Women's Weekly Health Series)

Pelvic Floor Recovery Essentials

Books $20.00Available in the shop

Australian physiotherapist Sue Croft has written Pelvic Floor Recovery Essentials (2nd edition) as an easy to understand as well as more detailed guide to help women navigate the challenging path of gynaecological repair surgery. Find out the correct activation of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, pelvic floor safe exercises, advice for travel, sport and sexual function, as well as conservative prolapse management strategies.

Pelvic Floor Recovery

Books $20.00Available in the shop

Australian physiotherapist Sue Croft has written this book at the request of numerous patients who want more detailed information to help them navigate the challenging path of gynaecological repair surgery. It is easy to read and contains simple diagrams and illustrations to demonstrate the anatomy and exercises. Pelvic Floor Recovery (3rd edition) has been written with the aim reducing women's fears anxieties about gynaecological surgery by educating them about:

  • Correct activation of the pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles
  • Anatomy of the bladder and bowel
  • Relaxation and breath awareness education
  • An introduction to managing chronic pelvic pain
  • Brief explanation of prolapse
  • Bladder and bowel emptying positions
  • Pre-operative and post operative physiotherapy strategies
  • Information to give you confidence for your hospital stay
  • Safe abdominal exercises for after your surgery
  • Return to work, sport, sexual function and travel advice

Why am I so Tired?

A book by Dr Ginni Mansberg and Dr Anne Thomson for anyone feeling tired and worn out all the time, or feeling that there aren't enough hours in the day to get done everything done. Written by two Australian doctors who have developed a scientifically based, easy to follow approach to regain control of your life and get your energy back.

Inside out – A complete guide to pelvic floor safe exercises for women

Books $19.95Available in the shop

Some women unknowingly increase their risk of pelvic floor dysfunction through inappropriate exercise. Inside Out provides expert guidelines and is an educational tool for safe general exercise and improved pelvic floor fitness.

Inside Out, Prolapse Exercises

Books $22.99Available in the shop

Learn how to exercise with confidence. This book teaches you how to improve your pelvic floor support, avoid unsafe exercises and relieve prolapse symptoms while increasing your strength and fitness.

This user-friendly prolapse exercise guide is suited to all levels of fitness, especially for women with:

  • prolapse
  • prolapse surgery recovery
  • previous prolapse surgery
  • or pelvic floor weakness

Michelle Kenway is an Australian physiotherapist and women's exercise instructor and is passionate about helping women stay active for their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Happy Pants

Books $22.99Available in the shop

When Mummy wears her happy pants we build sandcastles, go out for baby cinos and have lots and lots of cuddles. But when she comes home with baby Darcy, her happy pants stay in her wardrobe...

Happy Pants is a picture book for older children to help them understand that their mum's post-natal depression is not because of them, that families can support each other and that mum will get better with help. This book is a resource for both children and parents, bringing hope and a voice to this typically silent topic.

Illustrated by Liz McGrath.

Reversing Diabetes

Books $35.00Available in the shop

Drawing on over 20 years of clinical experience as an Accredited Practising Dietitian, including nearly 16 years at Diabetes Australia, Dr Alan Barclay combines the highest-quality evidence about the nutritional management and prevention of diabetes into one easy-to-read book. Reversing Diabetes includes: Advice for losing weight and keeping it off, weekly menu planners, 70 delicious recipes, and complete nutritional breakdowns for each recipe. Live well, eat well and enjoy life. Dr Alan Barclay is a consultant dietitian and chief scientific officer at the Glycemic Index Foundation. He was Head of Research at the Australian Diabetes Council (Diabetes NSW) from 1998-2014 and is a member of the editorial boards of Diabetes Australia's consumer magazine, Conquest, and health professional magazine, Diabetes Management Journal.

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