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1800 RESPECT - Violence against women support line

External Links 30 November 2015

A national counselling helpline and support service for information on sexual assault, family violence or violence against women. Call 1800 737 732

Bladder health: When the spin doesn’t hold water
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External Links 01 January 2014

This article from the Australian Continence Foundation’s publication, discusses healthy water intake – how much is enough, and the dangers of drinking too much.

Endometriosis and pelvic pain webinar

External Links 01 September 2015

This webinar is presented by Women’s Health Queensland Wide and covers the symptoms and management of pelvic pain (including pain associated endometriosis) for women.

Feisty, female and fifty – the new menopause

External Links 20 May 2015

This Australian Financial Review article, written by Jill Margo, discusses the experience of menopause saying that “Menopause can be tough, but women facing it now cut a different figure from that of a generation ago”.

Foods That Do Good
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External Links 12 April 2016

Foods That Do Good is a website that provides health professionals with easy-to-access, holistic and evidence-based nutrition information that will help Australians understand how to work towards better health through a balanced diet. The site is curated by Dairy Australia with input from qualified health professionals.

Heart attack action plan - Heart Foundation

External Links 19 November 2015

This heart attack action plan is a great poster to have on display at work or at home. Produced by the Australian Heart Foundation, it details step-by-step the actions you should take if you suspect you are having a heart attack.

Heart attack warning signs - Heart Foundation

External Links 19 November 2015

This is a informative fact sheet from the Australian Heart Foundation that can teach you how to recognise the warning signs of a heart attack.

Is HRT safe? (link to video)

External Links 11 January 2016

Professor Rod Baber discusses the safety of menopausal hormone therapy in this video produced by the International Menopause Society.

Know Your Bones - Bone health self-assessment tool

External Links 12 July 2016

This bone health self-assessment tool is designed to help all adults (but especially those over 50) understand their risk of bone fracture. It is an online questionnaire that provides a simple report you can take to your doctor for further review if needed.

Let’s change the story video: Violence against women in Australia

External Links 30 November 2015

This video, from national organisation Our Watch, delves into the alarming statistics, behaviours and attitudes that lead to violence against women and children

Living Longer Living Stonger

External Links 09 April 2015

Living Longer Living Stronger is an evidence based program that encourages and supports change in the health and fitness sectors to achieve improved health, quality of life and fitness for people aged over 50 years.

Our Watch

External Links 30 November 2015

Our Watch has been established to drive nation-wide change in the culture, behaviours and attitudes that lead to violence against women and children

Ovarian Cancer Australia

External Links 27 April 2014

PANDA Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia

External Links 26 April 2014

PANDA is an Australian organisation dedicated to supporting the emotional wellbeing of women throughout pregnancy and early parenthood.

Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia

External Links 26 March 2015

The Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia is a not-for-profit body formed to promote education and research in the area of pelvic pain.

What Were We Thinking! blog

External Links 27 January 2015

The What Were We Thinking blog follows the experiences of new parents across Australia. The blog is based on the What Were We Thinking program, an evidence-based intervention developed and run by the Jean Hailes Research Unit. This program teaches new mothers and fathers both practical skills for settling babies and ideas to help them adjust to changes in their relationship that can come with parenthood.

What is hormone replacement therapy (HRT)? (link to video)

External Links 11 January 2016

In this video from the International Menopause Society, Professor Susan Davis discusses the basics of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Women with endometriosis need support, not judgement - The Conversation article

External Links 12 March 2015

Known for years as the “career woman’s disease” based on the idea that women without children develop disease in their reproductive organs, endometriosis is a painful condition thought to affect one in ten women worldwide.

‘Natural’ hormone therapy no panacea for menopause symptoms - The Conversation article

External Links 17 July 2014

Bioidentical hormone therapy is marketed as natural, safe, risk-free, age-reversing, sex-enhancing and even cancer-preventing. But not only is the term bioidentical in this context a misnomer, the products pose a serious safety risk.

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