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Recipes pdf 431 KB 06 September 2018

Fibre need not taste like chaff. This high-fibre breakfast is a sweet, crunchy, toasty and tasty treat.

Bounty bowl

Recipes pdf 1 MB 05 September 2018

This nutritionally rewarding Mediterranean salad nourishes the gut AND mind and lets you swap ingredients according to taste.

Chocolate slice

Recipes pdf 340 KB 04 September 2018

It’s not just the decadent flavours of this slice that will lift your mood – so too will its magnesium and B vitamins.

Pesto recipe

Recipes pdf 337 KB 22 September 2016

Have a jar of pesto in your fridge and you can whip up a meal in no time at all.

Sardines on toast recipe

Recipes pdf 226 KB 21 September 2017

Get all the benefits of this nutrient-rich fish, but with the ‘fishy’ taste tamed by equally tasty ingredients.

Vegetable frittata recipe

Recipes pdf 888 KB 14 February 2017

An easy, protein-packed meal that is suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Bircher muesli recipe

Recipes pdf 674 KB 22 September 2016

This muesli is packed with all the beneficial ingredients needed to feed the gut bacteria, making for a happy digestive system.

Breakfast Brain Topper

Recipes pdf 172 KB 2 mins 21 February 2018

Pop this delicious combination of linseeds, walnuts, cinnamon and blueberries on your porridge or yoghurt to help give your brain a boost.

Barley salad recipe

Recipes pdf 707 KB 22 September 2016

This salad combines the fresh tastes of summer, contains no animal fat, and includes nutrient rich green leafy vegetables, in the form of herbs.

Breakfast muesli recipe

Recipes pdf 388 KB 22 September 2016

Make breakfast count! Start your day with a delicious bowl of high fibre oats, seeds and nuts, topped with calcium rich yoghurt.

Eggplant and Mediterranean salad

Recipes pdf 162 KB 35 mins 21 February 2018

This easy-to-make dish embodies the health-supporting Mediterranean diet.

Christmas lunch in a bowl

Recipes pdf 628 KB

A fresh take on the traditional lunch – turkey, roast vegies and millet combined as a simple fix for a hot Australian Christmas.

Turkey stuffing recipe

Recipes pdf 203 KB 13 December 2017

This meat-free stuffing is made up of whole food ingredients. Ground nuts, leek and celery form the base instead of bread and/or mince (traditionally used as the bulk of stuffing), along with some classic aromatic stuffing herbs.

Savoury phytoestrogen bread

Recipes pdf 182 KB 02 March 2018

Are you bothered by menopause symptoms? This tasty, phytoestrogen-rich bread may offer some relief.

Seeded crackers recipe

Recipes pdf 190 KB 05 December 2017

Store-bought crackers can hide unhealthy fats and oils, as well as sugar and additives. But you won’t find those in these easy and healthy home-made alternatives.

Rainbow meatloaf recipe

Recipes pdf 635 KB 22 September 2016

This recipe is a gluten-free, family-friendly way to include more colourful, antioxidant-rich vegetables in your diet.

Calamari al forno recipe

Recipes pdf 1 MB 22 September 2016

A healthy, easy to prepare dish using calamari, which is rich in the brain boosting fish oil, DHA.

Green smoothie recipe

Recipes pdf 470 KB 22 September 2016

Green smoothies are a popular way to include vegetables into your diet to ensure you reach the recommended intake of five vegetables per day.

Chicken and rainbow vegie roast

Recipes pdf 320 KB 07 September 2018

Enjoy it for dinner one night, then fight the afternoon energy fade with three lunches of this easy, sustaining and colourful dish.

Raw seed slice

Recipes pdf 221 KB 01 August 2018

So quick and easy to prepare, keep this delicious slice on hand in the fridge as a healthy treat for family and friends.

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