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Aduki bean salad recipe

Recipes pdf 377 KB 22 September 2016

A colourful salad of whole foods that nourish and restore your friendly gut bacteria.

Anzac biscuit recipe

Recipes pdf 247 KB 21 April 2017

A ‘healthier’ alternative to traditional Anzac biscuits.

Apple and berry tofu muffins recipe

Recipes pdf 345 KB 22 September 2016

Get the goodness of protein and phytoestrogen-rich tofu in a muffin.

Baked ricotta with blueberries recipe

Recipes pdf 614 KB 22 September 2016

A delicious, calcium rich, grain free dessert or hot breakfast.

Banana, pepita & oat pancakes

Recipes pdf 296 KB 07 July 2017

The ingredients in these scrumptious pancakes are not just nutritious, but safe to eat for those with digestive problems.

Bircher muesli recipe

Recipes pdf 674 KB 22 September 2016

This muesli is packed with all the beneficial ingredients needed to feed the gut bacteria, making for a happy digestive system.

Buckwheat porridge with stewed pears & cinnamon

Recipes pdf 181 KB 04 July 2017

Buck up your morning with this delicious, warm and wholesome breakfast!

Cranberry oat granola cookies recipe

Recipes pdf 585 KB 22 September 2016

These tasty wheat free cookies are a great healthy snack to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Fragrant lamb with roast beetroot quinoa recipe

Recipes pdf 889 KB 22 September 2016

A family-friendly cinnamon flavoured lamb dish, complemented with fresh herbs.

Green smoothie recipe

Recipes pdf 470 KB 22 September 2016

Green smoothies are a popular way to include vegetables into your diet to ensure you reach the recommended intake of five vegetables per day.

Mediterranean style zucchini slice

Recipes pdf 183 KB 28 April 2017

This Mediterranean style zucchini slice is gluten-free and rich in antioxidants.

Muesli Slice recipe

Recipes pdf 647 KB 22 September 2016

A muesli slice packed with ingredients that help to lower cholesterol and a delicious way to incorporate psyllium husks into a healthy snack.

Nut trail mix recipe

Recipes pdf 416 KB 05 August 2016

A nut based trail mix is the perfect healthy alternative to a biscuit jar.

Pear and chocolate crumble recipe

Recipes pdf 930 KB 22 September 2016

This is a variation of the classic crumble made using macadamia nut oil, which is rich in healthy monounsaturated fats.

Rainbow meatloaf recipe

Recipes pdf 635 KB 22 September 2016

This recipe is a gluten-free, family-friendly way to include more colourful, antioxidant-rich vegetables in your diet.

Raw cacao & ginger balls recipe

Recipes pdf 913 KB 22 September 2016

These delicious high-fibre balls will satisfy your chocolate cravings and, with the warming spice of ginger and good oils, they won’t fuel the fire of inflammation.

Raw white Christmas balls recipe

Recipes pdf 680 KB 29 November 2016

Delicious, nutritious and not even a little bit naughty!

Red cabbage coleslaw recipe

Recipes pdf 1 MB 14 February 2017

This simple dish is rich in antioxidants and is great as a side salad or on its own.

Vanilla bean, cardamon and linseed pudding
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Recipes pdf 176 KB 5 mins 23 August 2017

A healthy breakfast rich in fatty acids and fibre.

Vegetable frittata recipe

Recipes pdf 888 KB 14 February 2017

An easy, protein-packed meal that is suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

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