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Aduki bean salad recipe

Recipes pdf 377 KB 22 September 2016

A colourful salad of whole foods that nourish and restore your friendly gut bacteria.

Anzac biscuit recipe

Recipes pdf 223 KB 21 April 2017

A ‘healthier’ alternative to traditional Anzac biscuits.

Apple and berry tofu muffins recipe

Recipes pdf 345 KB 22 September 2016

Get the goodness of protein and phytoestrogen-rich tofu in a muffin.

Baked ricotta with blueberries recipe

Recipes pdf 614 KB 22 September 2016

A delicious, calcium rich, grain free dessert or hot breakfast.

Banana breakfast loaf recipe

Recipes pdf 624 KB 22 September 2016

Full of fibre and wholegrains, this delicious loaf is a great alternative to breakfast cereals.

Banana, pepita & oat pancakes recipe

Recipes pdf 296 KB 07 July 2017

The ingredients in these scrumptious pancakes are not just nutritious, but safe to eat for those with digestive problems.

Barley salad recipe

Recipes pdf 707 KB 22 September 2016

This salad combines the fresh tastes of summer, contains no animal fat, and includes nutrient rich green leafy vegetables, in the form of herbs.

Beetroot beef burgers recipe

Recipes pdf 171 KB 21 September 2017

This tasty iron-rich burger will put a spring back in your step.

Bircher muesli recipe

Recipes pdf 674 KB 22 September 2016

This muesli is packed with all the beneficial ingredients needed to feed the gut bacteria, making for a happy digestive system.

Black bean & sweet potato nachos with guacamole

Recipes pdf 867 KB 03 September 2018

Get a delicious dose of plant-based iron with our vegan spin on this Mexican classic.

Bounty bowl

Recipes pdf 1 MB 05 September 2018

This nutritionally rewarding Mediterranean salad nourishes the gut AND mind and lets you swap ingredients according to taste.

Breakfast Brain Topper

Recipes pdf 172 KB 2 mins 21 February 2018

Pop this delicious combination of linseeds, walnuts, cinnamon and blueberries on your porridge or yoghurt to help give your brain a boost.

Breakfast muesli recipe

Recipes pdf 388 KB 22 September 2016

Make breakfast count! Start your day with a delicious bowl of high fibre oats, seeds and nuts, topped with calcium rich yoghurt.

Brodo di pollo – chicken soup

Recipes pdf 666 KB 02 July 2018

This recipe for chicken soup creates a nourishing meal that is light on effort, but big on returns – and versatility.

Buckwheat porridge with stewed pears & cinnamon recipe

Recipes pdf 181 KB 04 July 2017

Buck up your morning with this delicious, warm and wholesome breakfast!

Calamari al forno recipe

Recipes pdf 1 MB 22 September 2016

A healthy, easy to prepare dish using calamari, which is rich in the brain boosting fish oil, DHA.

Cauliflower and cannellini soup recipe

Recipes pdf 389 KB 22 September 2016

A deliciously creamy, simple to make soup. Perfect for a nutritious, quick dinner or lunch.

Chicken and rainbow vegie roast

Recipes pdf 320 KB 07 September 2018

Enjoy it for dinner one night, then fight the afternoon energy fade with three lunches of this easy, sustaining and colourful dish.

Chocolate slice

Recipes pdf 340 KB 04 September 2018

It’s not just the decadent flavours of this slice that will lift your mood – so too will its magnesium and B vitamins.

Christmas lunch in a bowl

Recipes pdf 628 KB

A fresh take on the traditional lunch – turkey, roast vegies and millet combined as a simple fix for a hot Australian Christmas.

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