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A real-life account of a heart attack - video

Videos 7 mins 28 November 2017

Heart disease can look very different in women to men. In this video, hear about a real-life account of a heart attack from a woman who has lived through it.

Endo Wise: Alice’s Story

Videos 3 mins 40 secs 25 September 2018

As a 25-year-old, Alice has not only spent years managing endometriosis, she has also been managing the expectations of friends who might not always understand what it’s like to have a chronic condition. Find out what she does.

Endo Wise: Bec’s story

Videos 6 min 50 sec 26 October 2018

Bec’s journey with endo would have been very different had it not been for the support of her husband Ash.

Endo Wise: Hithaishi’s story

Videos 7 mins 05 October 2018

Hithaishi had to convince doctors she wasn’t drug seeking or had psychological issues before being diagnosed with endo. Find out how she did it.

Endo Wise: Jennifer and India’s Story

Videos 4 min 26 secs 17 September 2018

Jennifer realised she probably had endometriosis when her older sister was diagnosed—along with two other sisters. Find out what happened when she had daughters of her own.

Endo Wise: Liza’s Story

Videos 4 min 10 September 2018

As a teenager, Liza’s doctor recommended she have a radical hysterectomy to ease her pain. But Liza didn’t let a diagnosis of endometriosis define her life. Find out what she did.

Endo Wise: Micaela’s story

Videos 5 mins 4 sec 05 October 2018

Micaela thought painful sex was just part of life as a woman, but an attentive doctor knew there was more to it. She talks about her journey of getting diagnosed and treated for endometriosis.

Endo Wise: Rachel’s story

Videos 3 min 42 sec 19 October 2018

Rachel’s anxiety is linked to her recent diagnosis of endometriosis. Find out what she’s doing to reduce her symptoms.

Endo Wise: Tegan’s Story

Videos 5 min 16 secs 15 October 2018

Tegan was just diagnosed with endometriosis after showing symptoms for 14 years. Now she’s trying to conceive.

Food as medicine: Women’s Stuff - video

Videos 14 MINS 30 May 2018

In this Women’s Stuff event presentation our naturopath Sandra Villella discusses food as medicine and tips on grocery shopping for health.

Foods to support happier hormones

Videos 10 mins 24 September 2018

Jean Hailes naturopath Sandra Villella discusses some of the ways food can improve hormonal health.

How to nurture good mental wellbeing

Videos 17 MINS 26 September 2018

Women’s Health Week ambassador and psychologist Caroline Anderson discusses ways to nurture good mental wellbeing.

How to work your pelvic floor the right way

Videos 18 mins 05 October 2018

Senior Clinician Physiotherapist Tamara Wraith explains how to work your pelvic floor the right way, how to release it, and offers some great tips for daily practice.

How what you eat can affect your mood

Videos 10 mins 05 October 2018

Accredited Practising Dietitian Kim Menzies talks about how what you eat can affect your mood. Kim also provides tips on what to eat to help keep energy levels up throughout the day.

Menopause 101: Women’s Stuff - video

Videos 25 MINS 30 May 2018

In this Women’s Stuff event presentation our endocrinologist Sonia Davison discusses menopause.

Recognising silent conditions

Videos 11 mins 05 October 2018

Medical Director Dr Elizabeth Farrell discusses why it’s important to pay attention to period pain, how to recognise possible signs of endometriosis, and to learn more about itchy vulvas.

Sexual health: Women’s Stuff - video

Videos 19 MINS 30 May 2018

In this Women’s Stuff event presentation GP Dr Kerryn Rae discusses sexual health and the importance of health checks.

Three easy exercises you can do anywhere, anytime - video

Videos 3 mins 28 November 2017

Three simple exercises you can do at the office, at home, in the park or at the gym.

Three simple ways to be more active - video

Videos 2 mins 28 November 2017

Watch this short animation on three ways to include incidental exercise throughout your day.

Three tips to maintain bone health - video

Videos 1 min 28 November 2017

The basics of bone health: learn about the three pillars.

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