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Aduki bean salad - Jean Hailes Kitchen video

Videos 8 mins 15 March 2016

This large and nourishing salad combines the goodness of red rice, roast vegetables and aduki beans. These ingredients help to feed the good bacteria in the digestive system.

All you need to know about periods video

Videos 3 mins 13 April 2016

This animation video is designed for young women to describe the menstruation process.

Baked ricotta with blueberries - Jean Hailes Kitchen video

Videos 5 mins 12 January 2015

This recipe is equally suited to breakfast on a relaxed Sunday morning or as an after-dinner dessert. The dish is grain-free, there is no added sugar, plus ricotta is high in calcium. Included in the recipe is also a healthy heart version.

Barley salad - Jean Hailes Kitchen video

Videos 8 mins 25 March 2014

This salad combines the fresh tastes of summer, contains no animal fat, and incorporates a variety of vegetables including the nutrient rich green leafy vegetables, in the form of herbs.

Cranberry oat granola cookies - Jean Hailes Kitchen video

Videos 1 min 04 August 2016

You can be savvy about the choices you make to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Endometriosis - Back to basics - Dr Elizabeth Farrell

Videos 3 mins 17 November 2016

Jean Hailes Gynaecologist, Dr Elizabeth Farrell gives a brief overview of the symptoms, management and treatment options for endometriosis.

Five things to know about sex in later life - video

Videos 3 mins 04 April 2017

Jean Hailes Medical Director and Gynaecologist, Dr Elizabeth Farrell shares five things to know about sex in later life.

How a pelvic floor physiotherapist approaches pelvic pain - video

Videos 14 mins 01 February 2015

Jean Hailes pelvic floor physiotherapist Janetta Webb, talks about physiotherapy used to treat pelvic pain. She explains what women can expect from their consultation including: history taking, examination, assessment and treatment/management plan.

Is it worry or anxiety? - Dr Mandy Deeks

Videos 3 mins 26 April 2017

Is it worry or anxiety? Psychologist Dr Mandy Deeks explains the difference and provides helpful tools to help manage mental health concerns.

Maintaining pelvic floor fitness - video

Videos 16 mins 01 November 2015

In this video, physiotherapist Anne Patterson gives lots of tips on how to maintain pelvic floor fitness.

Management of vulval irritation - video

Videos 4 mins 18 January 2016

Jean Hailes gynaecologist, Dr Elizabeth Farrell talks about the management and treatment of vulval irritation.

Rainbow meatloaf - Jean Hailes Kitchen video

Videos 8 mins 11 August 2015

This recipe is a gluten-free, family friendly way to include more colourful, antioxidant-rich vegetables in your diet.

Raw cacao & ginger balls - Jean Hailes Kitchen video

Videos 1 min 10 August 2016

These delicious high-fibre balls will satisfy your chocolate cravings and, with the warming spice of ginger and good oils, they won’t fuel the fire of inflammation.

The itchy vulva

Videos 18 mins 07 March 2017

Jean Hailes Dermatologist, Dr Tanja Bohl, discusses causes of an itchy vulva, diagnosis, and management and treatment of vulval irritation.

Three exercises for the body and mind - video

Videos 3 mins 26 April 2017

Former Olympian and personal trainer, Steph Prem, shares three simple exercises you can do at home.

Too busy? Five things you can do to look after yourself - video

Videos 3 mins 08 November 2016

When we’re busy it can be difficult to put our health first. Here are five simple tips, brought to you by Jean Hailes naturopath Sandra Villella, to get more nutritious habits in your day.

Vegetable frittata - Jean Hailes Kitchen video

Videos 2 mins 17 February 2017

A well-made frittata is the perfect meal. It’s quick to make, packed with protein, is a great way to use leftovers and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Vulva - what’s normal? - Dr Geraldine Edgley

Videos 19 mins 07 March 2017

Jean Hailes Specialist Women’s Health GP, Dr Geraldine Edgley discusses vulval health and what’s normal. Each woman’s vulva is unique in size and appearance including variation in the size, shape and length.

What does confidence mean for women? - video

Videos 2 mins 01 September 2014

Jean Hailes Professor of Women’s Health Jane Fisher discusses confidence and what it means for women.

What gives you confidence? - video

Videos 01 September 2014

In this video, women talk about what gives them confidence.

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