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Let’s talk about sex: midlife sexual function - Health Professional webinar
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Webinar 1 hour 30 mins 19 September 2018

This webinar uses case studies to explore the management of some common presentations of sexual function at midlife.

Some Boys
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Books $19.99Available in the shop

The evidence is clear. For many women, one of the most potentially powerful influences on their wellbeing is how men in their lives – be they loved ones or strangers – behave towards them. The evidence is also clear that what we learn about relationships, and how to conduct them, starts when we are young.

In this way, Some Boys – the latest book from Melbourne author, comedian and Jean Hailes ambassador Nelly Thomas – is well placed to make a most profound and positive impact on our next generation of brothers, friends, dads and husbands – and in turn, the girls and women in their lives.

This delightful book of simple and funny rhymes offers a great opportunity to help young boys aged 0-7 years to grow into respectful, empathetic and confident men. Like its companion book, Some Girls*, released earlier this year, Some Boys is all about teaching the children in our lives – and the adults around them – that gender stereotypes do not have to dictate how a person looks and behaves, and need not be a basis for potentially hurtful judgement.

With beautiful and funny illustrations from Sarah Dunk, Some Boys inspires little boys to like whatever they want, to look however they want, that "all boys can be whatever they want", and that being different is OK. Some Boys celebrates that everyone is special in their own way. Because we are.

*Also in stock

PCOS: A poorly diagnosed syndrome - Medical Observer
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Medical & health articles pdf 166 KB 11 September 2018

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a complex endocrine condition that can profoundly impact a woman’s life. The latest evidence will assist GPs in caring for women with PCOS.

Chicken and rainbow vegie roast
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Recipes pdf 320 KB 07 September 2018

Enjoy it for dinner one night, then fight the afternoon energy fade with three lunches of this easy, sustaining and colourful dish.

Considering surgery for endometriosis? Here’s what you need to know
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External Links 07 September 2018

Have you been diagnosed with endometriosis and want to know your treatment options? This article in The Conversation discusses evidence-based information about endometriosis, to help you make more informed decisions about how to manage your condition

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Recipes pdf 431 KB 06 September 2018

Fibre need not taste like chaff. This high-fibre breakfast is a sweet, crunchy, toasty and tasty treat.

Pelvic floor exercises - podcast

Podcasts 6 mins 06 September 2018

Listen to this podcast from Jean Hailes pelvic floor physiotherapist Janetta Webb as she talks you through some simple exercises for your pelvic floor.

Bounty bowl
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Recipes pdf 1 MB 05 September 2018

This nutritionally rewarding Mediterranean salad nourishes the gut AND mind and lets you swap ingredients according to taste.

Chocolate slice
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Recipes pdf 340 KB 04 September 2018

It’s not just the decadent flavours of this slice that will lift your mood – so too will its magnesium and B vitamins.

Black bean & sweet potato nachos with guacamole
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Recipes pdf 867 KB 03 September 2018

Get a delicious dose of plant-based iron with our vegan spin on this Mexican classic.

Health checks - fact sheet

Fact sheets pdf 324 KB 31 August 2018

Bladder & bowel health - fact sheet

Fact sheets pdf 485 KB 31 August 2018

Mental & emotional health - fact sheet

Fact sheets pdf 439 KB 27 August 2018

Period pain & symptom diary

Tools pdf 304 KB 31 July 2018

The period pain & symptom diary is an excellent resource to help young girls manage and understand their periods. It allows them to keep a record of their periods, especially to track pain, and is a useful tool to use when explaining symptoms to their doctor.

Periods - fact sheet

Fact sheets pdf 456 KB 31 July 2018

My period - what’s normal?

Fact sheets pdf 2 MB 31 July 2018

This booklet is designed for young girls to help them understand their periods. It explains what is and isn’t normal, and what they can do if they have any questions or concerns.

Some Girls

Books $19.99Available in the shop

If you want to instil confidence in the little girl in your life to be comfortable in her own skin, then look no further than Some Girls, the debut book by Melbourne comedian – and Jean Hailes ambassador – Nelly Thomas.

In Some Girls*, Thomas challenges the gender stereotype that girls should look and behave a certain way, and instead celebrates the fact that every little girl is different and special in her own way. It's a powerful message – for both children and adults – but delivered lovingly and lightly through funny rhymes and beautiful illustrations.

Whether your little girl is tender or tough, plays with dolls or dirt, or likes her hair short or long, this book will let her know that all girls can be whatever they want.

*Some Boys is also available now.

Anzac biscuit recipe

Recipes pdf 223 KB 21 April 2017

A ‘healthier’ alternative to traditional Anzac biscuits.

Endometriosis - fact sheet

Fact sheets pdf 446 KB 30 November 2016

Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain

Books $25.00Available in the shop

Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain, written by Dr Susan Evans with Deborah Bush QSM, is an easy-to-read and practical guide that answers the questions you have always wanted to ask about endometriosis. What is it? Will I be able to have children? Do I need an operation? How can I help myself? Some women have bad periods but are otherwise well. Others have many problems including an irritable bowel (IBS), migraine headaches, bladder issues, sharp, stabbing pains or painful sex. This book helps you live well without pain.

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