Reversing Diabetes

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Reversing Diabetes
  • Price: $35.00
  • Author: Dr Alan Barclay

Drawing on over 20 years of clinical experience as an Accredited Practising Dietitian, including nearly 16 years at Diabetes Australia, Dr Alan Barclay combines the highest-quality evidence about the nutritional management and prevention of diabetes into one easy-to-read book. Reversing Diabetes includes: Advice for losing weight and keeping it off, weekly menu planners, 70 delicious recipes, and complete nutritional breakdowns for each recipe. Live well, eat well and enjoy life. Dr Alan Barclay is a consultant dietitian and chief scientific officer at the Glycemic Index Foundation. He was Head of Research at the Australian Diabetes Council (Diabetes NSW) from 1998-2014 and is a member of the editorial boards of Diabetes Australia's consumer magazine, Conquest, and health professional magazine, Diabetes Management Journal.

ISBN: 9781743366141
Published by: Murdoch Books
Year published: 2016


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