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Last updated 05 June 2018

Women's Health Week –

Get your workplace talking about their health! Participate in Women's Health Week 2018.

We know women are leading busier lives than ever before and we have a tendency to let ourselves slip low on our priority lists. 

The two biggest barriers for women not maintaining a healthy lifestyle is 'lack of time' and 'health not being a priority'.

Women's Health Week is the time for women to put themselves first, for just one week, and start making positive changes that can last a lifetime.

The Jean Hailes Women's Health Week is an annual national event, held during the first week of September, and is dedicated to women across Australia to make good health a priority. 

2017 was our biggest year yet and the event continues to grow, attracting thousands of women and organisations across Australia every year. Women can subscribe and participate in the online event, and host or attend events in their own communities or workplaces.

Here is a snapshot of the 2017 Women's Health Week:

Women's Health Week 2017

We are proud that Women's Health Week attracts the support of organisations, high profile ambassadors, businesses, diverse community groups, sporting and media groups across the country. Women's Health Week is now a permanent feature on the Australian calendar in the first week of September each year. 

Be a Women's Health Week Partner, Sponsor or Supporter in 2018

Kickstart your workplace's enthusiasm for good health and join the annual Women's Health Week campaign in 2018 (3-7 Sept). There are many ways you can support not only the health of women you work with, but also the health of women around Australia. Here are a few ways that your organisation can participate in this fun-filled and highly educational event.

  • Become a Women's Health Week Major Partner
  • Sponsor a key activity or item for Women's Health Week
  • Subscribe to participate and promote the campaign key messages to your organisation, customers, clients and members
  • Distribute our free educational and promotional resources
  • Host a Women's Health Week workplace event
  • Order gift bags and event merchandise for your workplace
  • Donate prizes
  • Donate in-kind support

Make sure you sign up to Women's Health Week to stay up to date, or contact us today if you are interested in finding out more about 2018 Partnership, Sponsorship or Supporter opportunities. 

Caroline Cottrill
Communications Manager
Phone: 03 9903 8986
Email: [email protected]

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