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Last updated 05 October 2017

Australia is currently facing a chronic disease crisis: almost half of the national population has a chronic disease, and almost 40% of over 45 year olds have two or more.

Many of these diseases such as type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, obesity and cardiovascular disease can be avoided by adopting a healthier lifestyle and making positive health changes. Education, via workplace wellbeing programs, is now recognised as a key strategy in improving health and preventing chronic disease.

Healthy living with fruits and vegetables

The facts and figures

  • Nearly 70% of Australian adults are either sedentary or have low levels of physical activity
  • According to Cancer Council Australia, up to one third of all cancers could be linked to a poor diet, inactivity and an unhealthy body weight
  • People with chronic disease have almost double the amount of sick days compared to those without chronic disease (0.48 days/fortnight vs 0.25 days/fortnight)
  • Chronic disease-related absenteeism is greater among tradespersons, intermediate clerical, sales and service workers, and managers and administrators
  • Potentially more impactful than absenteeism on productivity when it comes to chronic disease is presenteeism (when an employee attends works but underperforms because of ill-health, pain or stress)

Women exercising and living wellJean Hailes's healthy living messages and resources are shaped by our specialist team of health professionals. Jean Hailes naturopaths, dietitians, psychologists, gynaecologists, GPs, endocrinologists and physiotherapists all provide their expertise and contribute to our multimodality approach to help your workplace become the healthiest they can be.

From this rich reserve of expert-based knowledge, we have information to help your employees make well-informed diet and lifestyle decisions. 

Our Translation, Education and Communications team translates complex research findings into easy-to-understand health information, tips and resources. The end product is take-home messages that resonate and help your workforce side-step chronic diseases and improve their health overall.

Exercise equipmentFrom working out a healthy eating plan, knowing which foods provide benefits, how to stay motivated for regular exercise, as well as combating issues such as smoking, problematic alcohol consumption, and on-going fatigue, Jean Hailes is equipped to educate, inspire and improve health across your workforce.

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Tailored information

Women at a presentation Jean HailesJean Hailes provides health education on a range of important health topics and in a variety of ways. We can tailor health information to meet your organisation's needs such as written articles or provide resource packs.
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Clinical services in Melbourne

The Jean Hailes Medical Centres are centres of excellence in women's healthcare. We offer appointments with a range of women's health professionals such as women's health general practitioners (GPs), gynaecologists, endocrinologists (hormone specialist), psychologists, naturopath, physiotherapist or dietitian. We have centres in East Melbourne and Clayton VIC with a range of health professionals available. Learn more


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