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Last updated 05 October 2017

The 2015 Jean Hailes survey of over 2700 women in Australia found that even though 99% of women search the internet for health information less than one third actually trust this information. They are looking for information to self-diagnose, seeking answers for their chronic disease, wanting to know more about a new diagnosis, or getting an alternative opinion when they are dissatisfied with their health professional.

Multiple studies have found online sources to be highly inconsistent, incomplete, unscientific and dangerously misleading. As the online world grows and becomes a dominant source of our information, health education and proper provision of health solutions becomes necessary; because these practices are potentially endangering the health of the individual rather than improving it.

Jean Hailes can help your workplace ask the right questions when it comes to seeking out reliable health advice. We have information to help women work out what research is reliable and what sources of information they can trust so they can better manage their own health.

We can teach women how to choose a reputable health professional with whom they can build rapport and a therapeutic relationship, and support them in choosing therapies that are evidence-based and effective.

We have a 'Know your numbers' guide which helps women learn if they are within a healthy range of key health measures, and we clarify the often-confusing topic of health checks – what checks women need, at what age, and how often. This will help them make the best decisions when it comes to their health.

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Tailored information

Jean Hailes provides health education on a range of important health topics and in a variety of ways. We can tailor health information to meet your organisation's needs such as written articles or provide resource packs. Learn more and contact us

Clinical services in Melbourne

The Jean Hailes Medical Centres are centres of excellence in women's healthcare. We offer appointments with a range of women's health professionals such as women's health general practitioners (GPs), gynaecologists, endocrinologists (hormone specialist), psychologists, naturopath, physiotherapist or dietitian. We have centres in East Melbourne and Clayton VIC with a range of health professionals available. Learn more


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