New parents

Last updated 05 October 2017

Becoming a new parent can be a time of great joy and significant change. Many new parents in your workforce face physical exhaustion, psychological distress and relationship conflict, all the while attempting to co-manage the day-to-day demands of their job.

New parents - coping with changes and challenges

The facts and figures

  • In Australia, almost 16% of new mothers experience postnatal depression
  • Nearly 1 in 10 mothers will experience postnatal anxiety
  • Although there is less research on new fathers, around 10% also experience depression before or after having a baby
  • New mothers are returning to work sooner – 23% of Australian mothers with a 3-5 month old are in paid employment
  • 70% of partners return to work within two weeks of the birth of their child

What Were We Thinking! is a program for the new parents of your workplace, to help them transition into their new role as parent. The program helps new mothers and fathers to learn the practical skills for settling babies and ideas to help them adjust to changes in their relationship that can come with parenthood. Jean Hailes has developed a free app and a blog based on this program.

The What Were We Thinking! blog and free app are two interactive tools to support new mothers and fathers in the first six months of life with a baby.

WWWT App Iphone 1             WWWT App Iphone 2

Based on 10 years of research, the blog and the app help to build confident parents by teaching them the skills they need to negotiate this exciting time.

There are practical skills (such as settling, wrapping and feeding baby) as well as emotional skills (such as learning to negotiate the differences that come with this life change).

There are benefits to adopting the What Were We Thinking! tools into your workplace. You will be able to provide your employees with these evidence-based tools to help them transition smoothly into parental leave, tools that they can engage with at their leisure. Furthermore, your employees will feel supported by the What Were We Thinking! blog and app, building their confidence and coping mechanisms as parents and their competencies as employees.

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Share these free parenting support tools with your employees: 

  • What Were We Thinking! postcard Visit the blog What Were We Thinking!
  • Download and try the app 
  • Order free copies of our phone-shaped postcard, the perfect resource for parents going on parental leave to be introduced to the What Were We Thinking! blog and app
  • Become a workplace champion and invite your employees to become a parent blogger
  • Contribute your own workplace blog story as a health and wellbeing manager and supporter of parents in the workplace

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