Work lunches: avoiding the cost and convenience traps

We've all been there. It's almost lunchtime, your stomach is starting to rumble and you realise you forgot to bring your lunch in – again. 

Changing habits at work – making it easier for staff to be active during the working day

Our love of technology often diverts us from being physically active. Instead of walking down the hall to chat to a colleague, we now just ping them an email.

Link between night shift and breast cancer risk debunked

The alleged connection between a disrupted body clock and an increased risk of cancer has been disproven by new research published in the United Kingdom.

What to eat if you’re a shift worker

Shift work can throw a spanner in the works when it comes to your metabolism and sleep pattern. However, eating the right foods at night time may help your body cope better and reduce fatigue.

Walk the talk – put your best foot forward for office health

A pilot study has shown that walking meetings are an easy way to increase office-worker activity levels. Read about the research and get some tips on how to implement them effectively.

How to beat stress at work before it damages your health: ABC News

This recent ABC News article details the signs of a stressful work life, delves into who is responsible for workplace stress, and gives helpful tips for beating stress before it beats you.

Workplace wellness programs: Do they work?

This ABC News article explains that for workplace wellness programs to work, they need to be evidence-based and hold respect for employees at their core.

The unmet health needs of women in Australia

In early 2015, Jean Hailes conducted an online survey of women and health professionals to examine the perceived gaps in women's health information and services, understand the future health needs of women, and inform and collaborate with employers of women. Here we present the results of the survey.

Going back to paid work after baby

Let's talk about the unpaid work first! New research urges new parents to split household chores to avoid postnatal depression.

Women’s Health Week is back in 2016!

Find out how you can get your workplace involved in this fantastic online and on-the-ground event. All the action is taking place from 5-9 September.

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