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Last updated 29 January 2018

Medical Observer – 'Talking Women'

Jean Hailes is proud to provide a monthly column in the medical newspaper, Medical Observer. Designed to give GPs and health professionals a short informative summary of important women's health topics and conditions, these articles provide practical information to inform and enhance clinical practice. Past topics have included anxiety, cardiovascular health, fertility, vulval conditions and endometriosis. Access past articles.

Key practice points and expert advice for health professionals

This column is a growing hub for providing relevant and practical advice from Jean Hailes experts in easy-to-digest formats including videos, checklists and case studies. 

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Heavy menstrual bleeding: an update

In this podcast, Jean Hailes gynaecologist Dr Elizabeth Farrell speaks about the new Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Clinical Care Standard produced by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care and how to appropriately assess and care for women experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding.

In addition to the clinical care standard, there are associated fact sheets for clinicians and consumers

Menopause: the consultation

Jean Hailes endocrinologist Dr Rosie Worsley gives her tips for a successful consultation with a woman who is experiencing menopausal symptoms.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS): the consultation

In this video, Dr Rosie Worsley discusses what might alert a clinician to undiagnosed PCOS and also some of the key points for consideration in a consultation, once a woman has a diagnosis of PCOS.

When to refer a menopause patient

Dr Elizabeth Farrell discusses when to refer a menopause patient to see a specialist.


Using a menopause symptom scale in your practice

Dr Elizabeth Farrell, Gynaecologist at Jean Hailes, talks about how you can use a menopause symptom scale in your clinical practice as a way of assessing treatment outcomes.

The Green Climacteric scale is an example of a menopause symptom scale to use in your practice. For more information refer to the Diagnosing menopause information sheet. 

Dyspareunia: Points to keep in mind

Jean Hailes pelvic floor physiotherapist Janetta Webb, provides clinicians with some important things to remember when seeing a women with symptoms of dyspareunia.

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